Karen van Rooyen prepares to share her passion for music

Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the greatest philosophers in history, once said, “Without music, life would be music.”

Music touches our souls, heals wounds and can soothe even the most vicious of beasts. Music is a fundamental part of our lives. It holds the keys to memories, bringing the occasional tear of joy or sadness.

For some, music is the driving force in their lives. Karen van Rooyen is one such woman. A person whose passion for music sees her embarking on a mission to follow her calling. That of sharing her love for music with others.

Karen, Newcastillian

Her journey in the musical world begins when she was but a child. “My mother was a musical person and a singer in Newcastle. She occasionally travelled to other towns to sing.”

During her mother’s singing career, Karen found herself falling more and more in love with music.

“I started piano lessons when I was in Grade 1 and continued throughout school,” she says.

After high school, while still passionate about music, Karen studied to become a preschool teacher. “I would still play the piano after hours, but I eventually became involved in the arts and culture department at the school which I taught at.”

She then became actively involved in the school’s choir. From there, she moved to St Dominics Newcastle. “I enjoyed working there and being involved with both the children and music.”

At the end of the academic year, Karen decided it was time to pursue a full-time career in music by opening a music studio to impart her knowledge onto children.

Musicante Music Studio will focus on stimulating music appreciation classes for pre-schoolers and other children.

What does this mean?

Karen will teach the children music appreciation, active music making, active listening and learning the fundamentals of music. Furthermore, she will teach the children singing, rhythmic patterns, coordination.

An introduction to recorder class will be given to Grade R children.

The studio will also see the youth learning piano, recorder, vocal, classical music, rock and pop, as well as gospel music.

With an array of music lessons being offered to children, Karen is truly following her dream in sharing her passion for music with others.

“There is nothing else I want to do. I love the opportunity I have to give classes. I find immense satisfaction in seeing a child’s love for music grow and how they develop,” she says.

But what is it about music that Karen loves so much?

“Music takes me into another world. People, adults and children, get in a rut so easily. Music can take you out of that rut. Music is a release. I also feel music brings me closer to God,” Karen explains.

It is because of the release music has to offer that Karen offers words of wisdom to parents. “Give children the opportunity to see if they are interested in music. Not many have the opportunity, which is why if your child has the chance, let them try it. But never force them to continue if they do not want to continue.”

For information on how to get your children involved in music, Karen can be contacted on 071 786 4239 or karenvanrooyen3@gmail.com.

For all you know, your child could be the next Mozart or Beethoven…

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