Security & Style, the one stop shop for your style and security needs

Security & Style is a business name synonymous with quality products and service. For two decades, it is a business that people have come to know and trust.

Whether searching for blinds, trellis doors, burglar guards or even automation garage doors, Newcastillians can rest assured they will receive top of the range service from Newcastle based, Security & Style.

At the helm of the business is Nazir Akoon, a man dedicated to his business and the town of Newcastle.

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Nazir Akoon at the ready to provide quality service and products.


“Security & Style as a business has been here for 20 years. I took over six years ago. I was born in Newcastle and went to school here. From Newcastle, I had a business in Durban. When I heard Security & Style was for sale, I took the opportunity as I wanted to come home.”

Returning to Newcastle with his family, taking over the reins of Security & Style, Nazir immediately immersed himself in his new business venture and hometown.

“It is going well; the business and its client base are both growing. When people think about burglar guards, home security or blinds, they think of Security & Style.”

What separates Security & Style from businesses in the same industry?

Nazir claims it is without a doubt service delivery. Furthermore, the business caters for residents’ household needs. A true one stop shop which covers items from security to blinds.

With the year coming to a close, Security & Style is ready to take on the New Year. “We are busy upgrading our products. We have a new range of fabrics for the blinds and a new range of trellis door.”

But this is not the only way the establishment is ensuring customer satisfaction.

“We have a new policy, where we offer a three-year guarantee on onsite automation, where other businesses only offer a one-year guarantee.”

The business also has exclusive rights to the top of the range brands which are sure to satisfy anyone looking at home improvements.

With 2019 but mere days away, Nazir and his staff are looking at making their products available for everyone across the board. Offering affordable prices and good service.

Be sure to visit Security & Style at 13 Paterson Street and find out, how they can improve your home.

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