St Dominics Newcastle awards learners for academic and sports accolades

The academic year has come to an end. It is now that time of the year, when school learners reflect on the past academic year, as they prepare for 2019.

During the past year, learners have pushed themselves, both in academics and in sports, in the pursuit of excellence. Their unwavering dedication reflecting the immense amount of work they have put into academia and the sports field.

St Dominics Newcastle recently held its annual prize giving awards ceremonies dedicated to the junior phase, senior phase and high school academic learners. As well as the annual sports prize giving.

During the various prize-giving ceremonies, St Dominics Newcastle Executive Head, Bryn Thomas commended both parents and learners for the effort they put in throughout the year. “It is a privilege to have the parents here with us at the prize giving. We are grateful for everything they do for the children and the school,” he says.

Over the past year, Mr Thomas explains the school teams have grown tremendously. Excelling at a provincial, national and international level, Mr Thomas says St Dominics Newcastle is extremely proud of each learner’s achievement over the past year.

Mr Thomas further discussed Curro’s investment in St Dominics Newcastle, which will benefit both current and future learners. This includes the All-Purpose Centre, which is currently under construction and will boast 10 indoor sports codes.

The guest speaker at the sports prize giving was Quintin Griffiths, founder of Warriors Cricket Club. A man who is known for his love for sports in Newcastle. However, not many know that Griffiths was left handicapped following a vehicle collision in 2010.


“In 2010, I lost the use of my left arm. It was not a nice thing to hear that I would never be able to use my arm again. But it was not a time to feel sorry for myself. Sorry does not pay bills. Sorry will not solve anything,” he says.

He immediately started focusing on his life and working around his left arm. In 2012, he started playing indoor cricket again.

“No one wanted to take in a cripple though. A team eventually took me in and we went on to win the indoor league.”

In 2014, Griffiths moved onto outdoor cricket where he again struggled to find a team who would accept him. “I had to fight for my position.”

Despite the lack of use in his left arm, Griffiths proved to be a formidable force and eventually started the Warriors Cricket Club. Still an active cricket player, he now focuses on cricket development and helping younger players reach their full potential.

“I recently did my first 100 runs. At the age of 34, with one arm, playing against men with the full use of their bodies.”

His lesson? Showing youngsters at a school level that they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it.
Following his speech, the St Dominics Newcastle’s learners were awarded for their athletic prowess.

The sports awards include:

For Chess, Yuren Naidoo took the ITEC Trophy for Most Improved Senior of the year. Megan Furter clinched the Peggy Hsu Trophy for most Committed Senior Player, while Mihir Lalbeharie took the John Clark Trophy for Senior Player of the Year.

In cricket, Sahil Ramkissoon won the Johan Jacobs Trophy for Senior Bowler of the Year, while Bryce Sharp takes the Aqeelah Kader Cricketer’s Cup, The Brent Trophy for Senior Player of the year Goes to Jonathan Hartman.

In the hockey boys’ position, the ALRON Trophy for Curro (NKZN) Boy Player of the Year goes to Muzi Shanbangu. The Alison Marillier Trophey of the Senior Boy player of the year goes to Linda Mthiyane.

For the Hockey girls, Nosipho Magagula takes the ARLON Trophy for u/16 girl player of the year. Sria Gokul won the Snyman Trophy for NKZN Girl Player of the year.

Zifiso Khumalo won the SDN Trophy for Senior Boy Player of the Year for soccer, while Philile Hlatshwayo took the Pranav Gkul Trophy for Girl Player of the Year.

Abigail Peters won the Anna Grobler Trophy for Swimmer of the Year.

Sria Gokul takes the SDN Trophy for Senior Girl Player of the Year in tennis, while Mihir Labeharie takes home the Ritesh Gokul Trophy for Senior Player of the Year.

The SDAN Trophy for Sportswoman of 2018 goes to Paula van Zyl, while the SDAN Trophy for Sportsman 2018 goes to Linda Mthiyane.

For academics, the following students acknowledged for their accolades include:

Grade 8:

Shazana Badloo takes the Hilldrop Heritage Trophy for languages.

Suhaan Sing is awarded the Brown Family Trophy for Maths, Science and Technology.

Ewan Scholtz was awarded the Round Table Trophy for Most Versatile Grade 8 (Academic, Sport & Culture).

Grade 9:

Chrisna van Rhyn secured the Sara Callow Trophy for Languages.

Aran Hsu clinched the Municipality Trophy for Natural Sciences, as well as SDN Award for Maths.

Grade 10:

Nicoles Downs won the Kinsley Trophy for Languages, as well as the Heidi de Villiers-Lovelock Trophy for Maths & Science.

Grade 11:

Megan Furter won the Trophy for Engineering Graphics & Design, as well as the SDN Award for Most Versatile Grade 11 (Academic, Sports & Culture).

Grade 12:

Muhammad Dhoda takes home the Trevor Douthwaite Trophy for Best All-Round Student of the Year.

Aqeelah Kader is this year’s Pensioner of the Year.

With the prize giving now under their belts, the students are now bracing themselves for an all-new year. Congratulations to everyone and good luck for the new year.

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