Newcastle Raceway Club gears up for Grand Challenge

Racing enthusiasts have much to look forward to on December 15, with Newcastle Raceway Club hosting a day of high-octane fun.

Closing off the year’s racing, the Oval Track will be holding the Newcastle Industrial Laundry Grand Challenge. A day which will see racers from Bloemfontein, Loskop and Rustenburg descending upon Newcastle. Their mission? To compete against local racers from Newcastle Raceway Club.


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But this is no ordinary day of racing. Winners stand a chance of winning cash prizes, ensuring they end the year on a high note.

A total of 34 racers have already signed up for the event, although more racers are expected to take to the track. Each motivated to end 2018 on a tyre screeching win.

What racing categories can Newcastillians look forward to at the Newcastle Industrial Laundry Grand Challenge?

There will be stock rods, 1660, 2.1 litre, Hot Rods, Tin Tops and V8 Flexis roaring around the track. Adding to the day’s fun will be the 16V Midgets category, which is sure to fuel the excitement.

Gates will open at 9 am, where the community can enjoy the opportunity to interact with the racers. With the holiday season, residents can also take full advantage of spending the day at the track with friends and family.

A variety of stalls will be available on the day, with the racing set to start at 4 pm.

Entrance fee is R50 per person and R25 for children under the age of 12.

For further information on the event, contact Shaukat or Zaakira Khan on 073 587 3551.

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Be sure not to miss out on the Newcastle Industrial Laundry Grand Challenge and support the local racers in their quest for victory.

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