St Dominics Newcastle to enhance the town with huge All-Purpose Centre

Come 2019, St Dominics will be sporting a brand-new All-Purpose Centre. An investment of approximately R20 million, which is sure to have a positive knock-on effect on the school and Newcastle community.

“It will be an 850-seater indoor facility, with 10 indoor sports available,” says St Dominics Newcastle’s Executive Head, Bryn Thomas.

These sports will include cricket, hockey, basketball, netball, badminton, soccer, volleyball and tennis.

With the All-Purpose centre set to be finished in early 2019, Mr Thomas says the construction of the centre will benefit more than just the school.

all-purpose centre, Newcastillian
St Dominics Newcastle’s Executive Head, Bryn Thomas is ready to introduce the All-Purpose Centre to Newcastle.


From an economic point of view, the project will see 650 workers on site at the height of the construction. As it is a 12-month project, not only will employment be created but construction workers will be given spending power.

Regarding the positive impact it will have on the school, Mr Thomas says the All-Purpose Centre will see more sports involvement. “We are also in negotiation with a multi-national company and there will be a coffee shop on-site for the community and parents to enjoy.”

Blessing Khumalo, St Dominics Newcastle’s Senior Phase Sports Co-ordinator, emphasises that St Dominics’ sports learners will become a formidable force through the centre.

“We are the only school in town with an indoor facility. This means we will be able to play seasonal sports throughout the year. This will set us apart from other schools and enhance our learners’ abilities.”

Furthermore, Khumalo claims that St Dominics Newcastle is setting the bar high in terms of development. However, he hopes other schools follow suit, ensuring quality upgrades to their respective school grounds.

While the All-Purpose Centre will have a positive impact on the local economy and the school’s sports development, these are not the only beneficial aspects.

Mr Thomas says the centre will be open to the community. While there will be a rental fee, the opportunity will see sports enthusiasts see continuous community-based sports fixtures taking place.

It will also allow more for more entertainment productions, with larger seating space for the audience.

With exciting times ahead for St Dominics Newcastle. Mr Thomas says this is but just one of the multi-million-rand projects that Curro has invested in.

“Since Curro took over the management of the school four years ago, they have invested in the AstroTurf, which cost roughly R20 million. They also built an entirely new high school section, upgraded the school grounds and gardens. Then there is the new cricket field with a turf wicket.”

Curro will also be upgrading the pool facilities in the foreseeable future.

“Curro has invested roughly R100 million into St Dominics Newcastle and this all benefits the community,” Mr Thomas says.

With the All-Purpose Centre set to shape the sports scene at St Dominics and Newcastle, it will truly be an investment that will take the sporting community to new heights.

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