Lutheran Church’s Christmas Market a resounding success

Embracing the hot summer’s day, Newcastillians made their way to the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Christmas Market on Saturday, December 1.

With holiday season setting it, Newcastillians unwinding from a long year, no festive season is complete without the Lutheran Church’s annual Christmas Market. An event which has become a highlight on Newcastle’s social calendar.

With scores of stalls on display, selling an array of handmade crafts and foods, the market set the pace for a relaxing day of shopping and socialising. Whether residents were looking for gifts for the holiday period or searching for delicious edibles, the market day had it all.

Market, Newcastillian
Brittney, Jennifer and Lindsey Peens.


Adding to the day’s festivities, the Evangelical Lutheran Church added a German touch to the day. This came in the form of the brass band and German cuisine which was on sale.

The German food included:

  • Christmas biscuits and baked goods like Butterkuchen.
  • Sptözle (German hand-made noodles).
  • Bratwurst (sausage).
  • Kartoffel puffer (potato fritter).
  • Pancakes
  • Draft beer.
  • Kaffeestube (coffee and traditional cakes).

This year’s Christmas Market had a Nativity Scene set up, reminding people of the true meaning of Christmas.

Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas, funds raised at the event will go towards the church’s mission work. This includes St Martin’s Village, a home where abandoned and abused children can find a place of safety and love in the arms of the caring house mother.

With a festive atmosphere prevailing, the day was a brilliantly supported event. Thoroughly enjoyed by one and all, the day truly welcomed the upcoming holiday season.

Market, Newcastillian
Mariette and Lenè Stoop.
Market, Newcastillian
Rellna and Elaine Lauterbach.
Market, Newcastillian
Bianca Craffert and her furry friend Lienke with Chantall Pretorius and little Hazel.
Market, Newcastillian
Abè and Trienkie Steyn selling delicious homemade biscuits.
Market, Newcastillian
Bianca, Peter and Skyler Hopkins enjoying a family outing together at the Christmas Market.
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