St Dominics Newcastle holds bell ringing ceremony for matric learners

The matric exams have come to an end, with the close of the academic year following in hot pursuit.

As matriculants brace themselves for their final days of school, many are filled with bittersweet memories. A brave new world awaits them as they prepare to leave the familiarity and safety of their school grounds.

On Tuesday, November 27, St Dominics Newcastle held its annual Matric Bell Ringing Ceremony. As a long-standing tradition at St Dominics Newcastle, the bell in the school’s iconic bell tower is rung when the final matric examination is written.

Newcastillian, Matric
Executive Head Bryn Thomas with Deputy Head prefects Asabde Vilane and Sibongakonke Mbhele.

With the St Dominics matrics gathering, the ceremony was filled with a sense of joy and emotion. “I know that a number of you will be going to study in different parts of South Africa, some in different parts of the world. But St Dominics Newcastle will always be a part of you,” says St Dominics Executive Head, Bryn Thomas.

He expanded on explaining how the Grade 12 learners would always carry their school with fondness in their hearts. Regardless of where they went to in the world. “When you come back to Newcastle, you will find yourself driving past the school and stopping to talk with the teachers.”

Mr Thomas also explained the significance of the ringing of the bell. Looking back at the historical significance bell towers played in history, he said the bell ringing ceremony at St Dominics was one of celebration and the sign of freedom.

St Dominics teacher Mrs Usha Singh followed Mr Thomas’s address, with a speech of her own. “The joys of a greater freedom and responsibility awaits you, as today heralds the end of your schooling career,” she emphasised.

Asabde Vilane, Sibongakonke Mbhele,
Usha Singh addresses the Grade 12 learners.

Yet, she reminded learners to never forget their values and the valuable life lessons they learned during school. Encouraging them to pursue lives filled with compassion, virtue and love.

Closing off the address to the Grade 12 learners, Mr Thomas reminded them that the ceremony signified another special moment. It marked one of the last times they would wear their school uniforms. “While it is a sad moment, you have had a wonderful journey and it is now coming to an end,” he closed off.

The Bell Ringing Ceremony then took place, with each of the matriculants ringing the bell. With the sound of ringing bells filling the schoolyard, an array of emotions pulsed through the school grounds. The end of an era has arrived. Farewell Matric class of 2018.

Matric, Newcastillian
Israel Nkashama, Vinesh Dhewlall, Pragashini Dhewlall, Usha Singh and Needha Hurrichund.
Matric, Newcastillian
Jacqui and Cassidy Steenkamp with Jonathan, Tada and Mike Hartman.
Matric, Newcastillian
St Dominic matric learners.
Matric, Newcastillian
Sohail Adam and Mithila Kotte with their teacher Johan Coetzee.
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