Lutheran Church Christmas Market, kicks off the festive season

The festive season is approaching at a rapid pace, with stores setting up decorations and playing Christmas carols in all their glory. But, as any Newcastillian will know, the festive season hasn’t started until the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Christmas Market.

The time has finally arrived. Come December 1, the Lutheran Church will be starting the Christmas period with a festive touch.

From 9 am until 2 pm, the Lutheran Church will be hosting its fourth annual Christmas Market. An event which is a highlight on the Newcastle festive calendar.

Liesel Beneke of the Evangelical Church explains there will be between 50 to 60 stalls available on the day. With an array of handmade crafts, these stalls will give Newcastillians a unique shopping experience, as they shop for the ideal gift.

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However, the Christmas Market is no ordinary market day. The Evangelical Lutheran Church will be sharing a touch of German culture. This will come in the shape of delicious edibles and wonderful drinks.

These include:

  • Christmas biscuits and baked goods like Butterkuchen.
  • Sptözle (German hand-made noodles).
  • Bratwurst (sausage).
  • Kartoffel puffer (potato fritter).
  • Pancakes
  • Draft beer.
  • Kaffeestube (coffee and traditional cakes).

This year, a Nativity Scene will be put on display at the church, signifying the importance and meaning of Christmas.

“We will be putting the Nativity scene on display at the Lutheran Church a week before the market day,” Liesel adds.

For those wishing to get into the Christmas spirit this December or if you are simply looking for a unique way to spend your Saturday, be sure to visit the Evangelical Lutheran Church on December 1.

Funds raised during the course of the day will go to a charitable cause. “We will be dividing the funds between St Martin’s Village and other Church mission work,” Liesel concludes.

Be sure to spread the festive cheer with a touch of German culture this December.

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