Freaky Friday: Disgusting food museum opens in Sweden

Museums are places of culture and history. But, like with all things in life, everyone has different tastes in life. As the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmo, Sweden proves with its display.

The temporary museum opened on October 31 and will close at the end of January 2019. But during the next three months, the museum will house some of the most nauseating food from around the globe.

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Casu Marzu, maggot infested cheese, will be on display at the museum.


From rotten shark, an actual delicacy in Iceland, to a raw bull’s penis, maggot infested cheese and roasted guinea pig will all be put on display at the museum.

But who wants a museum of disgusting food?

The museum is the creation of Dr Samuel West, an American psychologist. He is also responsible for the popular Museum of Failure in Helsingborg, Sweden. He claims the Disgusting Food Museum is meant to be not only fun but interesting and interactive. How does he figure that out?

Dr West says people to question our ideas of disgust, especially if we are going to consider environmentally friendly sources of protein. Environmentally friendly sources of proteins include insects. This might bug people with arachnophobia in more ways than one.

With the horrid food on display, how does Dr West intend to contain the smell? After all, I can’t see anyone being able to stomach the smell of a rotting shark carcass.

The bulk of the exhibits will be in medical-grade research jars to keep the putrid smells at bay. However, the surströmming proved to be challenging. So much so, the smell of the dish, which is fermented herring, nearly saw Dr West’s exhibit being evicted from its office space.

If you are heading to Sweden this December holiday, be sure to visit the Disgusting Food Museum. While spicy rabbit heads and bat soup might not be to your taste, the experience is sure to leave a memorable aftertaste.

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