Freaky Friday: Freemasonry, debunking the myths

A dark, looming cloud of suspicion lurks over Freemasonry. Clandestine (hidden) meetings, unusual rituals and men in suits. Something is afoot!

As an organisation that is centuries old and spans across countries and continents, the Brotherhood has faced its fair share of publicity. Most of which hasn’t been good.

Freemason, Newcastillian
The iconic compass and square, the symbol of Freemasonry.

But who are the Freemasons?

Freemasonry is an organisation which is based on three principles. These are brotherly love, relief and truth.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland’s webpage explains how Freemasons view these three principles:

BROTHERLY LOVE is the concern which each Freemason has for his Brother, which is readily shown by tolerance and respect for the beliefs, opinions and practices of his fellows and his willingness to care for his Brother and that Brother’s dependants.

RELIEF The Freemason is by nature and teaching a charitable man. He will cheerfully and kindly assist those less fortunate (Freemason or not!). He will care for and support his community – local, national and international.

TRUTH The Freemason believes in truth in all things, in honesty and integrity in his personal, business and public life, in fair dealings and in firm standards of decency and morality.

These men of honour have had to endure ridiculous and childish claims, such as “they are a evil, sacrifice goats and are trying to overthrow the world”.

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Conspiracies surrounding Freemasonry and the truth behind the speculations:

Freemasonry is its own religion with its own Masonic god

Countless religious leaders have preached this message, but this is totally false. Freemasonry consists of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, this is because it is a fraternity and NOT a religion. To be a Freemason, one needs to believe in a higher power (God the creator of the Universe). It doesn’t matter if you call Him God, Elohim, Allah or Vishnu, you must believe in the Supreme Being.

Because of people’s different faiths and relationship with God, Masons do not speak about religion during meetings. However, each meeting starts with a prayer. In Masonic Lodges, God is referred to as the Great Architect of the Universe, the Geometrician of the Universe or the Most High.

They do not worship Satan, Lucifer or other demonic entities!! In fact, atheists and Satanists cannot join and are excluded from Masonic Lodges, as their beliefs conflict with the tenants of Freemasonry.

Freemasons are ruling or trying to rule the earth

This conspiracy claims that Freemasonry works alongside the Illuminati in ruling the earth. This is false. Freemasons merely want to grow as individuals, whilst caring for mankind and nature.

Furthermore, with Masonic movement being over 300 years old, if the New World Order has not yet been established, it is unlikely a few men in suits are going to do it over a few beers and a tuna sandwich at a meeting once a month.

Other conspiracies include:

Freemasons faked the moon landing.

That humanoid reptiles are behind the organisation, as well as the Illuminati.

While speculation surrounds the organisation, Freemasonry teaches its brethren how to become better individuals. Encouraging them to grow as people and constantly look within their hearts, minds and souls on how they can improve and help society develop.

Freemasonry apparently dates back 500 years ago, starting its evolution in Scotland. The Grand Lodge of Scotland, says the following about Freemasonry:

“The traditional framework into which most Masonic Degrees are woven is the story and symbolism of King Solomon’s Temple. Masonic teaching is a system of education related to the building of the Temple – especially the activities and traditional skills of those by whom it was designed and built, and is intended to maintain the interest of the candidate as he progresses through the Masonic degrees, thus rendering his development more effective.”

A far cry from the dark accusations flung towards Freemasons. As you note, Freemasonry and its rituals are built on the old testament.

Did you know there are two Freemason Lodges in Newcastle, both over 100 years of age?

Newcastle Lodge, English Lodge, was established in 1885. This was followed by Coronation Lodge, Scottish Constitution, established in 1902 after the Anglo-Boer War.

With Freemasonry facing a series of accusations, these men continuously strive to think about their peers and town.

I can assure you no Freemason is a humanoid reptilian. Neither is there any plans in the pipeline to create a New World Order. If the Freemasons are planning to rule the world, creating a New World World, I will not be driving a Daihatsu Charade.

Until next week…..Have yourself a Freaky Friday!!

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