Roaring fun at Autobarn Parts People Northern Regional Championships

The sound of roaring cars filling the Newcastle skies, spectators gathering around the Newcastle Oval Track. The big day is finally here. Newcastle Raceway Club played host to the Autobarn Parts People Northern Regional Championships on Saturday, November 3.

A racing event which saw racers from Newcastle, Loskop and Nelspruit pushing their vehicles to the limit, vying for the win.

The event was initially meant to take place on August 18 but was postponed due to poor weather conditions. With ideal weather conditions on Saturday, racers took full advantage of the day to showcase their talent, pursuing victory. Spectators cheering on their favourite drivers.

Championships, Newcastillians

The following racers participated in the event:

In the 1600 stock class –

Zaakira Khan – Newcastle

Johann de Jager – Newcastle

Wilma Lindeque – Newcastle

Kevin Minnie – Loskop

Jean de Necker – Newcastle

Dewald Botha – Newcastle

Melanie van Rooyen – Loskop

Ali Jamalodeen – Newcastle

Junaid Docrat – Newcastle

In the 1660 class:

Tiaan Buys – Newcastle

Craig Lindeque – Newcastle

Pieter Bezuidenhout – Nelspruit

Kevin White – Newcastle

Dawie van der Merwe – Nelspruit

Tiaan Theron – Loskop

Willie Swart – Loskop

Eric Neethling – Loskop

Wikie Bezuiendenhout – Newcastle

In the 2.1 litre class

Championships, Newcastillians

Shaukat Khan – Newcastle

Dewald Botha – Newcastle

Faizel Cassim – Newcastle

Rivelle Rooplall – Newcastle

Jan Barnard – Nelspruit

Anton van Rooyen – Loskop

Wessel Peens – Newcastle

Gideon Hand – Newcastle

The Hot Rods class –

Willie de Witt – Loskop

John Silver – Loskop

Marius de Klerk – Nelspruit

Jan Barnard – Nelspruit

The Heavy-Metals (Support Class) –

Championships, Newcastillian

JP Bruin

Chris Moolman Snr – Nelspruit

Chris Moolman Jnr – Nelspruit

Henk van Rooyen – Newcastle

Nico Venter – Nelspruit

The V8 (Support Class) –

Championships, Newcastillian

Craig Lindeque – Newcastle

Flip Gericke – Newcastle

With each class made up of the best oval track racers in the championship, spectators truly had an opportunity to enjoy a day of high-octane, adrenaline-filled racing.

While each racer gave it their all, only a select few clinched the win. The day’s winners are:

Melanie van Rooyen who took first place in the 1600 class, with Ali Jamalodeen and Johann de Jager following in second and third place respectively.

Willie Swart clinched first place in the 1660 class, followed by Tiaan Theron in second place and Tiaan Buys in third place.

In the 2.1 litre class, Faizel Cassim sped into first place, with Anton van Rooyen in second place, and Wayne du Rand in third place.

The win for the Hot Rods Class goes to Johan Silver, with Gideon Hand in second place and Willie de Witt in third place.

Flip Gericke took the win in the V8 class with Craig Lindeque in second place.

Chris Moolman takes the win in the Heavy Metal class, with Henk van Rooyen in the second position and JP Bruin in third place.

With the regional championships now done and dusted, the racers from all three towns have proved their worth on the track. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the event.

Newcastle Raceway Club will host its final race of the year on December 1, be sure to support the event.

Championships, Newcastillian
Ria Meye and Joan van Rensburg.
Championships, Newcastillian
Razia Cassim and Shaukat Khan with Boet and Tiaan Buys.
Championships, Newcastillian
Theresa Joubert, Flip Gericke, Yolandi and Jannie Williams with Mari-Lee and JP.
Championships, Newcastillian
Spectators waiting for the racing to begin.
Championships, Newcastillian
Mr and Mrs Fumdaro of Memel enjoying the day at Newcastle Raceway Club.
Championships, Newcastillian
Chantelle Oelofse and Francois Englebrecht with Pieter and Roan Minnie.
Championships, Newcastillian
Spectators ready to cheer on the favourite racer.
Championships, Newcastillian
Racers in the 2-litre division in action.
Championships, Newcastillian
Racers participating in the Heavy-Metals Division.



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