Cash in transit guard shot during robbery on Monday night

A G4S armoured vehicle travelling from Vryheid to Newcastle on Monday night, October 29, was the target of unknown gunmen.

SAPS spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo claims the vehicle came under attack at 7 pm. The suspects opening fire, forcing the armoured vehicle to stop. The driver of the CIT vehicle managed to escape and flee. However, his colleague was injured and later rushed to the hospital. it is reported he later succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

With the guards no longer posing a threat, the suspects opened the vehicle’s doors using explosives. At present, it is unclear how much cash was stolen.

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A G4S guard was shot during a CIT robbery on Monday.


The police implemented their 72-hour activation plan, which involves the mobilisation of law enforcement officials. This includes crime intelligence, the Hawks, forensic experts, detective and other tactical units.

While investigations are underway, this is unfortunately not an isolated incident. Over the past few months, South Africa is seeing an increase in CIT robberies, especially in Gauteng.

As police look into the increase in CIT robberies, expert feel there are issues which will come into play with the investigations. They believe a police crackdown in one area, will simply see the perpetrators moving to another area.

In mid-July, three CIT guards were hospitalised following an ambush. The guards were travelling in the Greytown area when the suspects pounced on them. Explosives were also used in this incident.

Then in late July, two attempted CIT heists took place in one week. Apparently, both the incidents were foiled by .the police

With CIT vehicles being targeted on a regular basis, what steps do you think one could take to minimise attacks?


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