Husqvarna and Construction and Cutting introduce space age gardening

Technology is constantly evolving, never remaining stagnant. However, technology is not restricted to the medical world, the motor industry, science world or social media.

Earlier on today, October 31, Husqvarna hosted a demo day at Haggard’s Hilldrop alongside its local dealer, Construction and Cutting Machines.

At the Husqvarna Demo Day, guests from schools and business establishments were introduced to the latest products on the market. This includes the latest range in battery-operated products, which is sure to prove beneficial in the quest to remain eco-friendly and save the environment.

Husqvarna was initially established in 1689 as a rifle company, before expanding its operations to sewing machines, motorcycles, and the gardening and forestry industry.

Husqvarna, Newcastillian
John Douthwaite of Construction & Cutting Machines introduces Charles Henderson of Husqvarna.


Always keeping up to date with the latest trends, the company’s battery-operated products are a testimony to the company’s constant development. “Battery is the way to go,” explains Charles Henderson of Husqvarna.

Henderson introduced guests to battery-operated chainsaws, blowers, trimmers and pruners.

What makes these items so special?

Henderson explains that while the initial cost is more expensive than their electrical and petrol counterparts, in the long run, they work out much cheaper.

“You don’t need to buy fuel or worry about the wrong fuel being put into your machine. There is less noise, servicing is minimal and there are no cords in the way.”

The tools are also much easier and convenient to use. There is one size battery to fit all the tools and the battery has an estimated lifespan of five years or 1 500 cycles.

Henderson explains the only disadvantage at present, is that the machines are not big enough to handle big forestry projects, yet.

Husqvarna, Newcastillian
Charles Henderson introducing battery-operated power tools to guests.


While awing guests with the machines abilities, both for personal and commercial use, Henderson also introduced the Fleet Services device. This is a small device which you can attach to your Husqvarna products. It then connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

The device will then notify you when it is necessary to service your tool. As well as the necessary parts for the service. The device will also give the running time for each day. This is a handy service for those with staff using the instruments, as it allows employers the opportunity to monitor the use of the tools.

For those who use these power tools at home, the device allows them to plan for services.

The auto-mower was also introduced to guests. This small lawnmower is a true work of art. Through the use of a GPS and AI, the small robotic lawnmower can cut the grass by itself. When its batteries start going flat, it will go to its charging station to charge. ( Truly amazing product!)

The demo day proved to be truly educational and enjoyed by all.

Be sure to visit Construction and Cutting Machines in town and find out more about Husqvarna products. These tools will surely make your life more convenient.

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