Chinese Chamber of Commerce launches new school

In a country of cultural diversity, South Africans often find themselves picking up traits from other cultures.

While intermingling cultures make us uniquely South African, it is remembering the unique cultures that make us truly South African. Not only does embracing your own culture give you a sense of belonging, but it also allows you to remember the sacrifices your forefathers made.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce has officially opened the Newcastle Sunshine Chinese School. An educational institute where Chinese youth can learn more about their language, verbally and calligraphy. It also reminds children of their culture.

Chinese, Newcastillian
Chairperson for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jack Zhuang thanks everyone for their support in the creation of the school.


On Sunday, October 28, the official launch was held in the industrial area. Marking the auspicious event, delegates of the Chinese Embassy from Durban and Chinese Education Foundation came to Newcastle. This includes the Vice Consul-General Ding Qiao. Along with the visit from the officials, the first school board was also announced. This board of directors will guide the school through the upcoming year.

Chinese, Newcastillian
Vice Consul General Ding Qiao of the Durban Embassy addresses the guests.


The event proved to be a unique experience. As the school holds the promise of educating children about their respective cultures, it also allows adults the privilege of knowing they have played an instrumental role in the development of education and cultural richness in Newcastle.

Well done to the Chamber of Commerce for promoting the importance of education and culture.

Chinese, Newcastillian
Han Fang of the Chinese Education Foundation addresses guests at the function.
Chinese, Newcastillian
Xiaoquan Lin, Jane Lin, Hillary Lin, Anna Ying Yang and Rose Zhou.
Chinese, Newcastillian
Robyn Pentz and Ni Ni.
Chinese, Newcastillian
A group of children dressed up brightly for the day.
Chinese, Newcastillian
Councillor Alex Liu discusses the benefits of the school in the town.
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