Drakensberg Primary School puts on proudly SA Play

What makes us proudly South African? Is it the fact that we have 11 official languages? Is it because we have beautiful weather, amazing wildlife and beaches? Or is it because despite our issues, we stand united, a culturally diverse people, known around the world as the Rainbow Nation?

Drakensberg Primary School held its annual school play from October 23 to October 25. Titled Proudly South African, the play looks at Jan van der Merwe. A man who is fed up with corrupt politicians and the crime in our beloved country.

Proudly, Newcastillian
Jan van der Merwe tells his friends why he wants to emigrate.


As scores of other South Africans have done, he decides it is time for him and his wife to emigrate to greener pastures. As the couple consider where to settle down, Jan finds a genie who tries to convince him to stay in South Africa.

The genie reminds Jan van der Merwe what it is to be proudly South Africa. But how does he do this? By reminding Jan what he will be missing. This involves good old-fashioned South African rugby, soccer, braais and our stunning weather and beaches.

Through the genie’s magical tour, Jan remembers what it is to be proudly South African. As he learns to take pride in one’s nation, despite the obstacles it faces, so did the audience.

The concert was a major success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Its humour and message captivated the attention of everyone.

Proudly, Newcastillian
Nico and Juanita Botha.
Proudly, Newcastillian
Tertius, Marietjie and Tommie Dreyer.
Proudly, Newcastillian
Janelle van Rooyen, Renaldo Myburgh and Trudie van Wyk.
Proudly, Newcastillian
Mrs N. Magangane and Mrs S.J. Ziqubu.
Lee-Ann and Heila Roberts with Carel Vos.
Proudly, Newcastillian
Mfundo Msimango and Ruben Strydom.
Newcastillian, Proudly
Thully Zwane and Lindelwa Nkosi.
Newcastillian, Proudly
“Arabian dancers” appear shortly before the genie appears to introduce the story.
Newcastillian, Proudly
The genie tells his friends how he convinces Jan van der Merwe to stay in South Africa.
Newcastillian, Proudly
Children performing a song and dance about emigrating to London.
Proudly, Newcastillian
Jan van der Merwe’s wife and her friends at a braai.
Proudly, Newcastillian
A ‘homeowner’ stands in shock after accidentally knocking a security guard unconscious in his house, following a burglary.
Proudly, Newcastillian
Taxi drivers, the bane of many a South African’s life.
Proudly, Newcastillian
A sunny South African beach, with suntanning girls and a young man shows off his muscles.
Proudly, Newcastillian
Youngsters reminding everyone about Cape Town.


Well done to Drakies on an amazing show!




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