RSA Private College to uplift community through free bursaries

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world.” These words resonate truth, as an education allows you to develop yourself and your community.

Education also plays a key role in addressing social skills and challenges, such as unemployment. In the quest to vanquish unemployment, RSA Private College will be giving away full bursary studies to 35 unemployed youth.

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Don Neerahoo of RSA Private College explains the bursaries will go to youth in the Amajuba District. Due to the hardships many youth face trying to secure employment on the job market, this initiative is set to make a positive change. “We are looking at ways to assist in community development,” he emphasises.

RSA College, Newcastillian
Don Neerahoo, Ponso Mphuthi and Melusi Msibi of Eduzone, RSA Private College, form part of the theoretical team. Each of them are eager to uplift the community through the bursaries.

The total value of the bursaries is R650 000. This staggering value of the bursaries will act as an investment into the Amajuba District. RSA College is looking at starting the programme on November 1.

The bursaries are certified by the Food and Beverage SETA. The bursaries will cover a one-month Blockmans Skilled Programme and a one-year meat processing programme.

Interested parties can apply for the bursaries at RSA Private College. The college is situated at Favourite Office National. The cut-off date is October 25. To apply, bring a certified copy of your I.D., a motivational letter and a detailed C.V.

For more information, contact The Eduzone on 034 312 8009 or Whatsapp 082 871 5471. You can also email on or contact the college via its Facebook page @eduzonenewcastle.

Be sure to capitalise on this opportunity today and ehance your education through a free bursary.

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