What is worrying South Africans?

Are South Africans a carefree people, confident that our country is heading in the right direction? Or are we a nation of worry and doubt?

According to the study What Worry’s the World? by Ipsos, it seems South Africans are not the happiest of people in the world. In fact, it seems like we are a rather stressed out nation.

The findings of Ipsos are based on 20 787 interviews which were conducted from August 24 to September 27. The interviews were done with people aged between 16 to 64 in 28 nations. The data was then taken and weighed to match the profile of the general population.

So, what do the tests say?

The three countries where citizens are the most confident in their respective countries, are China standing with 92%, Saudi Arabia with 76% and South Korea with 74 %.

Where does our country stand?

Well, according to the study, our country has seen the largest drop in national optimism. Apparently, only 19% of the South African population believes we are moving in the right direction. This follows a staggering drop of 33 points, following the appointment of South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Why do so little South Africans believe in the country?

The study finds that the majority of the people around the world worry about five specific things. This is financial/political corruption, unemployment, poverty/social inequality, crime and violence, and health care.

South Africa follows these specific international trends, with the exception of crime and violence, simply because our country ranks amongst the most violent countries in the world. But there are things we as South Africans worry more about than other countries.

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So, what worries South Africans according to Ipsos?

Crime and violence take first place, followed by unemployment and jobs in second place.

Then it is financial/political corruption in third place, followed by poverty and social inequality in fourth place. Education takes fifth place in the concerns of the country, with inflation clinching position number six.

Taxes and healthcare take seventh and eighth place respectively. Moral decline takes number nine. Immigration control takes 10th place, with the rise of extremism in 11th place.

Threats to the environment and child obesity take much lower places than the above-mentioned issues.

Knowing about your country and the challenges it faces comes with a responsibility. You cannot just be a keyboard warrior and run everyone and everything down. The time for activism is now higher than ever. Not for politics but rather for your liveability in South Africa.

Do you feel the Ipsos study has any truth to it? Do you feel South Africans are worrying about our safety, unemployment and the corruption of land? Is education a cause for concern? Share your opinions with us.

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