Favourite Office National welcomes new technology for classrooms

The world of technology is ever evolving. Never remaining stagnant, technology is there to make our lives easier.

While the advancements in technology can be seen in our daily lives,  new gadgets are now easing themselves into the classroom.

On Thursday, October 11, Parrot Interactive Solutions and Favourite Office National introduced an invention which will replace chalkboards. A digital whiteboard, a tool which will allow teachers to expand on their lessons.

Attending the seminar on October 11, local teachers can now look at enhancing their classrooms. “We are showcasing the Parrot Interactive Solutions range, of which Favourite Office National will be the driving force,” explains Lance Subroyal, the key accounts manager for Parrot here in KZN.

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Lance Subroyal, the key accounts manager of KZN for Parrot, introduces the digital board to teachers.

During the seminar, Subroyal focused on the different options available for schools.

“We are going away from the chalkboard. The digital whiteboard will have touchscreen capabilities, elements of the internet and multimedia.”

Mohsin Ameen of Favourite Office National explains this digital board will be the bridge between teachers and technology. “We at Favourite Office National are for the schools and will help take them into the future,” he explains.

As daunting as the digital whiteboard seems to some, Ameen and Subroyal emphasis that educators will receive the relevant training.

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Erika Britz and Chris Miller of Drakensberg Primary learn how the digital whiteboard can benefit them.

Furthermore, Favourite Office National will stock a series of packages for different schools. Each package catering to various school’s budgets.

With the dawn of a new era now upon us, no longer will chalkboards form part of an education. As with everyday life, education will be available at the push of a button.

technology, Newcastillian
Learning more about the new digital board are Thabsile Ngubane of Numanisabeto School and Annette Mhlophe of Numelani Primary School.

For more information on how to acquire a digital whiteboard for your school or business, be sure to visit Favourite Office National today. Click their logo to visit their site.

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