ANC launches new website. Previous one shutdown due to R32.5M outstanding bill

The African National Congress (ANC) has officially launched its new website on October 8.

With the newly revamped website up and running, ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe claims the site is going to be exciting, interactive, fresh and incorporate different ways of information dissemination and access.

Furthermore, Mabe claims this platform will address any deficits in the knowledge about the programmes in the political party. It also aims to create an ANC culture and lifestyle. Mabe adds the site will also provide the party’s online broadcast platform, radio 1912. which will add audio to the site.

However, despite the snazzy look of the new site, its celebrations are slightly marred by one simple fact. The reason for its creation is because the previous site, was taken down due to non-payment.

The message which greets people when going onto the old ANC website.


How much did the ANC allegedly owe on the old site? According to the former service provider, Umwembi Communications, the political party owes a staggering R32.5 million for both developing and hosting the political party’s website for the past 20 years.

Mabe says this all began due to a dispute over the domain between the ANC and Unwembi Communications.

Apparently, Umwembi furnished the ANC with a cancellation and payment settlement plan. Mabe claims the terms were agreed upon, with web services being provided until the end of November.

Mabe claims the party’s legal team will now look into the matter. He says this is a deliberate attempt to cast doubt on the party’s reputation.

While the legal team are looking into the matter and supplying South Africans with the latest ANC happenings, the political party now faces another snag.

The new site is devoid of any history. It does not contain some of its founding documents. Nor does it contain profiles of former presidents and other archival materials. In fact, the site doesn’t even have any information on the centenary celebrations of Nelson Mandela.

However, if the legal action against the previous service provider works in the ANC’s favour, this information will make its way to the new site.


Until then, be sure to check out the new site and let us know what you think. Do you think the new site is more interactive than the old one? What do you feel about the lack of history on the site? Do you think this is a dawn of a new era for the ANC?

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