Freaky Friday: Scientists prepare to raise the dead!

Scientific breakthroughs are constantly changing the way we see the world. Not a day goes past where scientists don’t come up with ground-breaking discoveries.

But is a Philadelphia-based biotech company, Bioquark, entering the world of science fiction? This comes after the company was given the go-ahead to begin research on bringing brain-dead people back to life. Literally creating zombies!

For those who have loved ones who are clinically brain-dead, this is the first step in reuniting with them. However, this is a new and untested technique, which is sure to be controversial.

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Can Bioquark’s scientists revive dead neurons, bringing a brain-dead person back to life?

How does Bioquark hope to bring brain-dead people back to life?

Through implanting stem cells into the patient’s brain, as well as treating the spinal cord with infusions of chemicals and nerve stimulation techniques, they hope to reboot the brain and re-start neural activity.

Because this is a new line of scientific research, it isn’t clear if it will work or not.

Ira Pastor, Bioquark’s CEO, says to undertake the complex initiative, researchers will be combining biologic regenerative medicine tools with other existing medical devices. Especially devices for stimulating the central nervous system. Researchers hope to see results within the first two to three months.

Stem cell treatment is proven to successfully treat other diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Bell’s Palsy, optic nerve damage, cerebral atrophy and even leukaemia.

While there are high hopes for Bioquark’s research, it is going to be a challenge.

When a person sustains severe brain injuries and is classified as brain dead, doctors can keep a person’s body alive through a life-support machine. However, dead neurons are virtually impossible to bring back to life. Which means even though the life-support machine pumps oxygen into the body, allowing organs such as the heart to still work, the brain can no longer utilize the oxygen because of the dead neurons.

Neurons are special cells which are responsible for transmitting information to other nerve cells, gland cells and muscles. But Bioquark is hopeful the stem cell treatment will spur the growth of new neurons and replace the dead ones.

Will they succeed and technically raise the dead? Only time will tell. If they succeed, imagine the world of possibilities that lay in wait for mankind.

Until the next time, Have yourself a Freaky Friday!!!

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