Namibia follows South Africa in terms of land redistribution

Namibia will no longer feel the injustice of the past within its economy. No longer will land belong to a select few of its citizens.

This is all thanks to the South African government’s decision to look at amending Section 25 of the Constitution. What does the ANC changing a section of the constitution have to do with Namibia?

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Well, it seems as if our country is not the only one looking at redistributing land. On October 1, Namibian president Hage Geingob vowed to push ahead with land redistribution.

Namibia was initially ruled by colonial Germany, before falling under the reign of apartheid South Africa until 1990.

With large swathes of agricultural land, as well as major diamond and platinum mining industries, Namibia is a country which has much to offer. But, Geingob feels Namibians could not benefit from what the country has to offer.

At a national conference in Windhoek, he claims many Namibians were chased off their productive land.

“The fundamental issue is the inequality… We also share a burning land issue and a racialised distribution of land resources with South Africa.

Namibia, Newcastillian
South African president Cyril Ramaphosa with Namibian president Hage Geingob. (Photo credit: Flickr)


He says this stems from a common history of colonial dispossession. It is because of this, Geingob explains that Namibians can no longer allow the status quo to continue?

As Namibia intends to follow South Africa in terms of the land redistribution, Geingob emphasises on the importance of careful consideration on the process. He also emphasises the entire process must remain peaceful.

But just how much land does the Namibian government intend to redistribute?

The Namibian government intends to transfer a 43 per cent of its agricultural land to previously disadvantaged black people. The government hopes to achieve this by 2020.

Geingob says it is in the best interest of the people to ensure a reduction in inequality. By looking at the constitutional provisions which allow expropriation of land with just compensation, he feels the situation can prove beneficial.

With Namibia now also looking at pushing for land redistribution, what are your thoughts on the matter? Will the redistribution land resolve the issues of the past? Will it truly create equality? Or will redistribution cause further issues in the foreseeable future?

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