Lincoln Heights Secondary artists, exhibit inspiring work

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “The painter has the universe in his mind and hands.” Truth resounds through these wise words, as an artist stands before a blank canvas.

Their mind and hands work as one, creating life through colour and texture. Breaking away from the shackles of everyday life to tell a visual story.

Honouring its art learners, Lincoln Heights Secondary School hosted an exhibit on Saturday, September 8. Newcastillians invited to vanish into a world of paint and imagination. Each piece of art telling a unique story.

Artist, Newcastillian
Faiz Ayob with his work.


Community members at the art exhibit lost themselves to the artistic talent of LHS’s learners. The artist exposing a bit of their soul. Taking the guest on a journey to a world of expression. A world where lessons are taught if you just open your heart and soul.

Saeeda Tinkouree, 17-years-old, is one of the artists whose work was on display at the exhibit. Her artwork focusing on the plight of those in Palestine. The lives of the innocent marred by war.

Artist, Newcastillian
Saeeda Tinkouree with her powerful piece of art.


“I took news articles, put them together and coffee stained it. I then burned it with a heat gun, before taking charcoal to add contrast.”

The end result is a face representing the faceless victims of war, echoing Saeeda’s desire for peace in a world torn apart by violence.

Alongside Saeeda’s art, other captivating works offered guests different perspectives of the world. Each view offering them the chance to learn something new, while soaking in the joys of art. With the beautiful art pieces, the event was truly an astounding success.

Artist, Newcastillian
Celimpilo Ngwenya stands proudly at his work.
Artist, Newcastillian
Sandile Buthelezi points proudly to his art.
Artist, Newcastillian
Vuyani Sithole poses along side his work
Artist, Newcastillian
Yurisha Ramdayal with her amazing art.
Artist, Newcastillian
Melanie Kundiona and her colourful pieces.
Artist, Newcastillian
Sfundo Moretlwe and his art
Artist, Newcastillian
Clinton Masoha, Swakhile Mbele, Marj Moli and Syamdumisa Mbele.


Well done to all the talented young adults. Keep up the fantastic work.

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