American lawyer, Shevelle McPherson, promotes girl equality at St Doms

The voice of young girls and women will not fade into the darkness.

Leave No Girl Behind International (LNGBI) is launching the LNGB School of Leadership. Open to girls from 13 years to 18 years old, this school offers girls the opportunity to break away from the chains of society that hold them back.

“It is a 90-day intensive leadership course that helps girls overcome their fears and become the change they want to see in the world,” says Shameema Patel, co-founder of LNGB.

She adds the programme will enable participants to discover respect and embrace their voices through the six principles of LNGBI. These principiles are love, strength, courage, freedom, unity and equality.

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Okahle Mncwabe, Shevelle McPherson, Danielle Paulsen, Jenita Raghoo, Haseena Patel, Shameema Patel and Needha Hurrichand.

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The leadership programme was officially launched on Wednesday, August 29, at St Dominics Newcastle.

Girls from St Dominics and Lincoln Heights Secondary were in attendance, amped to learn how they can benefit from the programme.

They will get practical exercises, presentations, take part in group discussions and masterminding, as well as participated in virtual leadership training from experts worldwide.

With the promises of growing, guests found a huge amount of inspiration from the day’s guest speaker, Shevelle McPherson. McPherson is an accomplished attorney, an award-winning international speaker and a business success strategist from New Jersey (USA). In 2017, McPherson was recognised as a National Trial Lawyer -Top 100, a National Trial Lawyer – Criminal Defense Top 25.  McPherson was also classified as one of the Best 10 Female Criminal Defense Lawyers in Pennsylvania, in 2016 and 2017.

She is also the bestselling author or Soar! Beyond the Heels of Adversity.

Supporting the initiative, McPherson is a firm believer in girl empowerment and seeing them flourish and rise to success. Which is why she encourages girls to pursue their dreams.

lngbi, Newcastillian
Shevelle McPherson encourages girls to pursue their dreams.


“I wanted to go to law school after graduating from high school. But, because I lacked confidence, I became a paralegal.”

After applying for a position as a paralegal at a law firm and working among lawyers, she quickly learned she was just as capable of being a lawyer.

She admits that her husband is also a key player in her success, teaching her the importance of self-confidence.

“We as women do not value ourselves. Men chase their dreams, they show no fear in chasing their dreams. They are confident in what they want,” she emphasises.

McPherson’s speech, alongside Haseena and Shameema Patel’s words of encouragement, the attending girls are ready to take on the world through the LNGB School of Leadership.

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For more information on the leadership programme, girls can email their queuries to

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