Honouring the Golden Oldies of Amajuba School

On the path of knowledge, there is no better guide than a dedicated teacher. An individual who strives to see their respective learners excel.

For more than two decades, there are five teachers at Amajuba School who have truly dedicated their lives to their careers.

Alet Lombard

Amajuba, Newcastillian

“I’ve been at Amajuba School for 20 plus years, teaching hospitality.”

With a deep-seated passion for her subject, Mrs Lombard explains one of the biggest joys in her career are the children. “I love working with the children. Many of my learners have become hotel managers, walked into good jobs or have taken part in chef schools.”

While sharing her immense knowledge on hospitality, this is not the only thing she taught at Amajuba School. Until recently, Mrs Lombard has also been a netball coach where she was able to impart her love for the game with school children.

As her teaching career plays an immense part in her daily life, Mrs Lombard says she has built up several good memories. Many of which includes her colleagues. “The teachers at Amajuba School are like family. There is a lot of camaraderie and we care about each other.”

Yet, despite her love for her learners, Mrs Lombard says many modern-day children lack discipline. “It is important to remember that manners start at home,” she advises parents.

Susan Louwrens

Amajuba, Newcastillian

For over 25 years, Mrs Louwrens has worked at Amajuba School’s Foundation Phase. A journey which she loves every step of the way. “I really enjoy the children and seeing them filled with so much enthusiasm.”

While working alongside the close-knit staff at Amajuba School has seen an array of heart-felt memories being created, Mrs Louwrens says it is the children who have really touched her heart. “There is no better feeling, than when a child comes to you as an adult, to thank you for what you’ve done for them.”

One of the biggest issues faced by teachers, Mrs Louwrens explains, is that parents are not as involved with their children. “It is important for parents to communicate with both the school and their children. Be a part of their lives, their interests and schoolwork.”

Mandie van der Merwe

Amajuba, Newcastillian

Mrs van der Merwe began teaching at Amajuba School in 1994. “I enjoy everything about teaching and I love coming to school. We have a wonderful headmaster and team of teachers.”

But, while the Amajuba School makes every day a memorable one, Mrs van der Merwe explains it is the children which make her days truly remarkable. “I teach math to Grade 4s and Grade 5s and I love the children.”

However, she believes parents need to take on a more active role in their children’s daily lives. “I love children and I feel it is important to be a part of their lives and support them continuously.”

Renier Lourens

Amajuba, Newcastillian

Teaching for 40 years, Mr Lourens began teaching at Amajuba School in 1994. “I love being able to make a positive impact on children’s lives. I also love the freedom teachers have at Amajuba School to pursue teaching in a positive way.”

While some of his fondest memories include working closely with his colleagues, to play a positive role in children’s educational lives, Mr Lourens says there are other fond memories. “The opportunities to spread the gospel with the children, worshipping Jesus Christ together has also been very special.”

Like his colleagues, Mr Lourens feels parents need to take an interest in their children’s school work and activities. “Put input in their lives, show interest in their activities and get involved with their scholastic work.

Deirdre Boshoff

Amajuba, Newcastillian

Teaching at Amajuba School for the past 28 years, Mrs Boshoff is one of the longest serving staff members at the school. As the Head of Department, as well as teaching Life Science and Life Orientation to Grade 10 and Grade 12, Mrs Boshoff has a true love for her career.

“I love being able to make a difference in a child’s life. I treasure every moment.”

One of the greatest joys as a teacher, is when an old and somewhat difficult learner comes back to thank her. “When they come to say thank you for the contribution I made in their lives, thanking me for never giving up on them and they are a success because of me, that is what inspires and keeps me going.”

As a teacher who loves her learners, Mrs Boshoff advises parents to get more involved with their children. “A lot of parents are forced to work long hours, relying on others to raise their children. But, if you don’t get involved, it becomes an obstacle in a child’s development.”

Charlene Lombard

Amajuba, Newcastillian

As deputy principal at Amajuba School, Mrs Lombard’s love for the school and its learners are almost unrivalled. “I began teaching in 1988, before coming to Amajuba in 1994.”

Through the years, Mrs Lombard says she believes it is the children that keep her young with their thirst for knowledge. “Seeing the expression in their eyes when they learn something new, having them remember you years after having taught them, and having learners thanking you for making an impact in their lives is what makes education fantastic.”

One of her fondest memories during her illustrious careers are the school tours, as it allowed her the opportunity to get to know the children better in a different environment, learning the person behind the desk.

Passionate about her career, Mrs Lombard explains one of the biggest obstacles teachers face is the relationship children don’t always have with their parents. This results in the children not having the freedom or knowledge on how to show or experience love within their family environment. “If a child experiences family love, they thrive and know where they belong.”

Because of this, Mrs Lombard advises parents to interact with their children, forging bonds that will see them excel in life. “Love your children openly. Hug and kiss your children, praise them and tell them how special and proud you are of them.”

We at the Newcastillian, thank these amazing people for their dedication and contrivbution to the Newcastle community!

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