Suriya Maharaj, Acting Principal, leading education with Sai Baba’s teachings of love

Spiritual leader, Sai Baba once said, “Education is not the acquisition of burdensome information regarding objects and men. It is the awareness of the immortal spirit within, which is the spring of joy, peace and courage.”

At the Sathya Sai School, Sai Baba’s teachings are held in high regard. As a school with high moral values, the learners are taught about the importance of peace, truth, non-violence, right action and love. These values, alongside the learners’ daily education, is implemented under the caring eye of Acting Principal, Suriya Maharaj.

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Where did you study and what is your fondest memories?

“I studied at Johannesburg College of Education. My fondest memories are going to a bigger city to study, experiencing a different province and making new friends.”

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Going through the ranks of being a teacher to becoming the acting principal, what was your greatest motivation?

“I have been here for 20 years, since the school opened. The most important thing is that I have a love for teaching and the children. The children bring out the best in me. Plus, the Sathya School is a school of moral value where principals such as non-violence, love, truth and right action are important. You need to practice these things in life, not just learn about them.”

Who in your career has inspired you the most?

“I would say Sai Baba. I came to appreciate his sayings and teachings when I started at the school. Through living according to Sai Baba’s teachings, you learn to be calmer.”

Working with children on a daily basis, being calm allows the learners to flourish and reach their full potential.

What positive views do you have on educators?

“I believe educators are trying their best with the children of today.”

What is your message to the community as acting principal?

“I would like to see parents take more interest in their children’s school lives. It is sad to see parents just drop their children off at school, fetch them again and just leave. Show interest in their school work and activities.

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