Police hold two-day operation to clamp down on crime

Weekends are the ideal time to break away from your weekly routine, enjoying a well-deserved break. However, there is no rest when it comes to law enforcement and the war against crime.

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The Osizweni Policing Area, alongside the Newcastle Cluster Task Team and Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit embarked on a two-day intelligence driven operation from Friday, July 20, to Saturday, July 21.

On Friday, July 20, following up on information regarding drugs, the team raided a house at Nkomonde Stand, Blaauwbosch. At the house, the police found five mandrax tablets. Following this bust, the police officials found seven small bags of nyaope mandrax in another house in Blaauwbosch.

From Blaauwbosch, the team went to Osizweni, Section F. At the first house the team found three full mandrax tablets, as well as a quarter mandrax tablet. In a second location in Osizweni, Section F, the team confiscated five quarter mandrax tablets and dagga.

The suspects are now in police custody.

On Saturday, July 21, the team continued their operation. Patrolling the road between Newcastle, Utrecht and Osizweni, they came across a suspicious individual. In his possession was an unlicensed 9mm pistol and an empty magazine. He will appear in Madadeni Regional Court for possession of a firearm without a licence.

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On the same day, the police spotted a white Mazda 323 travelling in the Osizweni area. The team pulled the vehicle over and it was discovered it had been stolen. The driver is now in police custody.

With the success of the two-day operation, the SAPS are truly striving to create a crime free society.

To ensure our business and residential areas don’t suffer, ensure  to do the right thing, when required. Doing nothing about a crime, is the same as doing it yourself. Report illegal activity and assist the SAPS in cleaning up our community.

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