Dundee’s Sabelo Sbi chooses a career as car guard over crime

In an era where finding job security is a daunting task, especially if one is unemployed and doesn’t have qualifications to their names.

What does one do when they are down and out? Do they rely on charity or resort to a life of crime? For Sabelo Sbi from Dundee, the choice was simple. He chose a career that many would never imagine doing. He became a car guard.

While many a motorist might view car guards as a nuisance, their views are often ignored. No one giving a second thought on why they are there.

Standing on Victoria Road, Sabelo watches his clients car like a hawk. “I became a car guard two years ago, because I refused to turn to crime.”

Through his time operating as a car guard in Dundee, he found a deep-seated passion interacting with motorists. “I enjoy working with the people. If you are friendly and work hard, they will always give to you. Also, they get to know you and become helpful when you need help.”

sabelo, Newcastillian
When times got tough, Sabelo got working.


However, he claims being a car guard is not always an easy task. “I have stopped a few car thieves over the years, even though I was scared they would hurt me. There are also people who take advantage of car guards, telling you to watch their cars, but they don’t pay you when they come back.”

Yet, despite these obstacles, he claims he will continue dedicating his time to professionalism. “I like my work, it is an honest living and I don’t steal.”

Working as a car guard has taught him the value of working together with others. “If I can advise people on anything, it is to work with the car guards to fight crime.”

In a time where people too often rely on handouts, Sabelo is a true gem. Well done to Sabelo for striving to create an income for himself.

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