Newcastle needs heroes, not bench warmers waiting for miracles. 

Johnny Cash once said; ” Success is having to worry about every damn thing in the world, except money”.

Newcaslte has forgotten this…

We need to understand that we are the numbers, we are the town. Your decisions literally have consequences and not “itsie, bitsie” ones, but rather large world changing ones.

You hold back on let’s say, not upping your business image, or getting your products loaded onto a digital store, or advertising your business over new school mediums, all to “save on cash, just encase…”. And boom, you have set your business back by years, whilst opening up the market to online/out of town businesses.

Now combined this with click mentality and refusal to move past opinion, well ladies and gentlemen… Your business now has a a problem, which is not the economy or national politics or NKZN.

No, your business’s greatest problem is YOU.

Go get Googling , go and read about your industry, in and around the world and then see how you feel about your efforts after that. You gauge if your business, staff and process is up to standard, before throwing stones at anything or anyone?!

Blaming the obvious in South Africa is extremely convenient, but over working, gaining knowledge or driving ourselves is everything at this stage of the game, but seems to be the last choice. How many professional business owners or managers can you name?

The ones I know, are launching new companies, opening new branches or are expanding their offerings, these amazing forward thinking business people are keeping so many other businesses alive, whilst driving industry.

But for the most part, people don’t pitch up for meetings, or assume they are educated on all things business. This is dangerous as no new knowledge can be absorbed, but rather just repetition with the expectation of a different result.

Yet, economy or burning tires on a highway will be blamed.

People have forgotten the golden rule of success: Failure and challenges are on the path, which leads to success. It is just about a commitment, attitude when all is said and done.

We as business owners and employees alike, are ignoring the fact that by employing a negative or pessimistic attitude, we are killing any possibility of seeing opportunity when it arises.

To become victorious in Johannesburg, you better have a large pair on you, ridiculous work ethic, with insanely thick skin. Joburgers, just like you, are required to always put their best foot forward, drive for development, whilst furthering their knowledge to ensure their future, regardless of personal opinion.

They don’t run down opposition or go on a smear campaign, they outshine them, as corporate businesses see smearing as childish and as inexperience with a desperate deal.

Yet, in the same country, but 3 hours down the road, Newcastle’s people think the rules are different some how. Those companies in Johannesburg are targeting your very same clients, on their terms, via current mediums, with phenomenal success.

Being a local hero is shrugging off the past and obscured opinions. Taking responsibility for our local economy and then beginning to move local business, into the current global market. By embracing change and evolution, you as a Newcastillian get to truly measure our town without opinion but rather fact.

Yes, people drive me insane and there are days when I want go all Danial Day-Lewis from Gangs of New York, on this town. But then the greater reward of this evolving place motivates me to yield, take stock and apply an even better mindset plus train of thought.

We as local people need to embrace the fact that SA is at a turning point and that our country is changing at a rate of knots, this can be terrifying for everyone, but it is happening, don’t like it then leave, I hear Bolivia is wonderful this time of year.

To be able to look back in a few years and say “I was there, I was apart of the cure and not the cancer”.

To have the privilege of saying, “I saved and evolved an entire community, people and city”, is something that many generations who came before us, have not been able to boast. Stop trading with the corrupt and uplift the town, I mean what good could possibly come of that?

You have power and you are ignoring it, as it requires you to change and apply effort into uncharted waters. But fear not, as you are not alone, you have fish on your side, Pixelfish. 😉

Some may read this and think, others may say, “yes but”.

While you decide Pixelfish Marketing, The Newcastillian and many awesome local businesses, will be building, forging and fighting for not only you and your business, but good old NKZN.


“Calvin Swemmer – Sales Director – Pixelfish Marketing and The Newcastillian.”

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One thought on “Newcastle needs heroes, not bench warmers waiting for miracles. 

  • 11th Jul 2018 at 1:46 pm

    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER….YES! Just like WISDOM is not just power but MIGHT. And yet,…at the same time we should remember that all the WISDOM and MIGHT, all the Knowledge and Power in the world,…is WORTHLESS without UNDERSTANDING. In Psalms we then also see that without such understanding, we are all classified as like unto BEASTS of the veldt.
    Is this what we would like to be known for and as???

    It is to get out and away from this classification that I have gone way beyond and OUT of this FRAMEWORK of Reference as a Paradigm shift into the next dimension for all to follow,…and BECOME what GOD DESIGNED us all…to be.
    And I would Love it if our NEWCASTLE can be the STARTING point in the entire WORLD, to initiate this change of and in the BECOMINGNESS as a NEW PERSON in NEW KNOWLEDGE with NEW POWER and in GREATER Humility and UNDERSTANDING transcending the IGNORANCE of the illiterate MASSES world wide. For all NATIONS and RACES and people to get away from DIFFERENTIATION and involved upon the COLLECTIVE on metamorphic Resonance and the INTEGRAL Factorisation of UNITY as ONE. It is thus that I have formulated a small part or section of the Hebrew Etz Chayyim of the Solomonic 19 CODE in the second Supernal of the 786 to reveal it unto INTERESTED ones prepared to remove the Chrysalis Veil in an endogenous manner, and be Morphed as the proverbial BUTTERFLY to fly into the Light of the sun without Burning of the Icharus myth wings to pollinate and show others their Beauty on wing. I therefore invite all to join me as Initiates on the FIRST step of becomingness and WAKING up the ARCHETYPAL Sheba PATTERN within each person to go in SEARCH of the GREATER in themselves to Becomingness in Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding in Hashem by googling


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