EFF Commander in Chief, Julius Malema, appears in Newcastle Court

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema made a brief appearance in Newcastle Magistrate’s Court this morning, June 25.

Amidst the cheers of avid supporters and Murchison Street being closed off, the EFF Chief In Command held his head up high in the court proceedings. This comes after he apparently urged local supporters to invade white-owned land in June 2016.

Facing charges of contravening the 1956 Riotous Assemblies Act, the court case is two years in the making. Despite some believing the court case would make some headway today, the case has yet again been postponed. Malema will now need to return to Newcastle in February 2019.

Following the announcement of the postponement, Malema addressed EFF supporters.

Malema, Newcastillian

“On June 26, 2016, I was here and made remarks we must occupy our land because it is the right thing today. Today is the second anniversary of that speech which landed me into trouble. We are here commemorating the Freedom Charter which says the land is shared amongst those who work it. So, when I said if you see a beautiful piece of land that you must occupy it, I was repeating what the Freedom Charter say,” he says.

Furthermore, he claims it was instrumental to seize political power and not lose control of its people. He stated that currently, the ANC only had electoral power and the EFF had the political power. It was because of this, he believes that people listen so readily to the EFF.

He also emphasises the importance of land appropriation without compensation. “Today even established businesses and business organisations, the appropriation of land is the only solution. We have created homes for the homeless masses. We did not need the electoral power, we needed the political power.”

While facing charges of the 1956 Riotous Assemblies Act, Malema still harped on racism during his speech. Stating that people who are abused by a white or an Indian racist, knew they could run to the EFF. He even went as far as to claim the majority of Indians are racist and they did not suffer as badly under the apartheid regime as African people.

He also said people are often under the impression that Africans cannot think, unless they have something to hide. Because of this, he says it is imperative to liberate one’s mind, support the EFF as it does not succumb to white supremacy.

Yet, 24 years after the apartheid regime falling, how much more can be blamed on white people? How can the plight of the Indians not be seen as bad as those of the Africans in the past, they dealt with so much as a people and are just simply discarded by Julius, yet every other race should be empathetic to his cause?

With Malema focusing solely on uplifting one demographic within South Africa, whilst encouraging them to hate, surely he is to be blamed for racism?

As little sense as it makes, he claims unemployment and racism can all be linked to a lack of land being shared. Not, lack of effort, nor motivation nor lack of skill, nope it is apparently all because of white and indian people’s land.

What are your thoughts on Julius Malema’s views? Do you think the South African nation needs to start creating a more positive future? Leave your remarks in the comment section below.

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