Executive Head Bryn Thomas and the importance of teaching

Brad Henry, an American politician, once said: “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil a love of learning.”

These words resound truth, as teachers can help mould the generations of the future. But, there are those in the school who often work in the background. A person who helps steer the school and forms a relationship with both the educator, community and learner.

The principal is an individual who rose through the ranks of teaching, now able to develop teachers and children in the pursuit of learning. One such man is Bryn Thomas, the Executive Head of St Dominics Newcastle.

Thomas, Newcastillian

The Newcastillian finds out more about Mr Thomas.

Where did you study and what is your fondest memories?

“I studied at Rhodes and Unisa. My fondest memory was when the light switched on, when I realised what an impact I could make. Being able to teach the future leaders of our country, playing a part and making a positive change.”

As an avid sports enthusiast, Mr Thomas also enjoyed taking to the cricket pitch and excelling to the point that he travelled abroad to play amateur cricket.

Going through the ranks of being a teacher to becoming a principal, what was your greatest motivations?

“As a young teacher, you have all this enthusiasm and all these ideas. But, at times you are limited, and you aren’t always able to see your ideas bare fruit. But moving up, you are able to see your ideas baring fruit and you are able to try new things.”

Always focused on the wellbeing of the learners and his colleagues, Mr Thomas’s motivation has seen him always looking forward and bringing about uplifting progression.

Who in your career has inspired you the most?

“My wife is my inspiration. We started dating when she was 13-years-old. She was part of my high school life, my sporting career, my studies and my career. My son also inspires me. He was a cardiac baby, having two open heart surgeries as a baby. He is now eight-years-olds and goes flat out. He is energetic, loving, kind and a fighter.”

What positive views do you have on educators?

“I believe educators change the world one child at a time. There are challenges that we face, but God’s greatest warriors are forged in the fires of life.”

Through facing challenges head on, Mr Thomas explains educators play a major role in the lives of their learners and shaping the country.

“Educators spend more time with children, than the parents do if you look at the hours spent at school. Teaching is a noble profession.”

What is your message to the community as the principal?

“I would like to thank the learners, parents and the educators for all being a part of the pot’s legs. Each person has a role to play and if they don’t play their part, the pot roles over.”

We are excited to for the future with people like Mr Thomas developing our youth.

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