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The world of knowledge is more than merely learning. It is a journey that begins in primary school classrooms.

As learners and teachers follow their relevant paths through the school halls, it is often the principal’s duty to ensure all runs smooth. But who are these men and women who effortlessly works alongside learners, educators and parents?

One such man is Neil Grobler, the principal of Huttenpark Primary. A man whose passion for education has stood the test of time. But where did his journey as Huttenpark Primary School’s principal begin?

The Newcastillian asked him the following:

Where did you study and what is your fondest memories?

“I studied at the Durban Teacher’s Training College. My fondest memory is the student life, something I feel everyone should experience.”

He explains the carefree days of the student life is something which helps prepare you for teaching, as you form friendships with other upcoming teachers.

Going through the ranks of being a teacher to becoming a principal, what was your greatest motivations?

“I believe giving teachers the chance to develop, make mistakes and grow helps motivate you. I was fortunate in that I had a principal who allowed the staff to grow. Leaders aren’t always born, it is something that can be developed by allowing teachers to get involved and helping to organise events.”

With this view, Mr Grobler’s biggest motivations was the need to learn, excel and ensure children and staff can reach their full potential. Through support, the school as a whole can flourish.

Who in your career has inspired you the most?

“The principal of the old Panorama Primary School, Jannie Pretorious, because of his example and the way he treated his colleagues.”

What positive views do you have on educators?

“I can speak of the educators at our school. The atmosphere is like this because of the love the educators have for their learners. Also, before even focusing on academics, educators can teach children life skills through their examples. Our educators are also very hardworking and positive.”

What is your message to the community as the principal?

“The community should appreciate what teachers and the school do for their children. What they do for the children is not always seen, they often go the extra mile and they deserve more accolades than what they get.”

With his learners and colleagues best interest at heart, Mr Grobler is sure to continue steering the school on the right path.


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