Did you know? You can download your facebook profile plus a few other cool things?

Facebook is an integral part of modern day society. We all share images, vidoes of ourselves, family and friends. We even go as far as to share our feelings on the social media platform.

But, privacy settings of Facebook are changing, and they are changing rapidly. After all, you need to be able to determine who views your photos. You need to know what information Facebook’s online games are collecting on you for third-party users, but to name a few.

Because of the vocal demands for transparency, Facebook is making the process of managing your profile easier. These demands follow the shocking news in March, when it was discovered that Cambridge Analytica, a strategic communications consultancy harvested data from over 50 million people. Whoops!

So, how do you make your Facebook page more secure?  How do you determine who sees your information?

Step one: General settings

Go into your settings. Then go into security and login to change your password. This is to show Facebook that you are making changes.

Step two: Limit access

Click on the little question mark between the notifications and settings.  You will then see a little icon of a padlock named Privacy Check-up.  Click on it, then select the option of Friends.

Also check on which Apps people can see and what profile information is public and make sure your personal information is set to Only Me. Then click Finish.

The nice thing about the Privacy Check-up is that you can see what websites and apps can view your information.

facebook, Newcastillian

By clicking in the blocks, you can determine which app can collect data from you.

Step three: Minimise what can be shared to your timeline

You can also choose to verify anything before it’s posted on your timeline. Go to the Settings menu again and click Timeline and tagging. Then and under Review and Review posts that you’re tagged in before the posts appear on your timeline? click the Edit button and click Enabled.

As arduous as this all sounds, it will ensure you are able to keep an eye on who sees what and what form of information is shared onto your timeline.

You will be amazed at how many 3rd party companies are keeping tabs on you.


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