Freaky Friday: Unusual phobias, what are you scared of?

Everyone has something that scares them to a certain degree. However, there are those who have phobias that leave them absolutely horrified.

While phobias don’t generally make sense to most people, there are phobias which are so strange that they are borderline outrageous. Here is our selection of some of the weirdest phobias that really exist.



People with ablutophobia have an irrational fear of bathing or washing. Imagine never, ever bathing or washing? Or worse, imagine sitting next to someone with ablutophobia during the summer? The horror! Hopefully those with ablutophobia don’t have an issue with deodorant.


This odd phobia sees its sufferers having an irrational fear of being without their cellphones or being unable to use it for some reason. Come to think of it, I don’t feel comfortable being too far from my trusted mobile. Not that I have nomophobia or anything, but how am I supposed to update my Facebook or Instagram without it?


This is the fear of belly buttons. How do these people go through life? After all, everyone has a belly button. I suppose a trip to the beach or local swimming pool must leave them in a state of terror.


This is a phobia I can relate to. People with coulrophobia have an aversion to clowns. But, come on! Clowns are sinister, evil beings! This is not a phobia, this should be common sense.


This unusual phobia is the fear of swallowing. Yup, you read that right. This phobia is worse than living with omphalophobia. After all, you can just put a shirt on to cover your belly button. In some cases, people with phagophobia suffer from malnutrition. Not the ideal way to diet.

Let us know if you know someone who has an even stranger phobia in the comment section below.

Until next week, have yourself a FREAKY FRIDAY!!

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