Zandi Zwane to take on world in Atlanta, Georgia

Beauty is more than merely skin-deep when referring to Zandi Zwane, as she takes the beauty world by storm.

In December 2016, Zandi won the coveted title of Mrs World Peace Africa in Manila, Philippines. A win which sees her embarking on an adventure she never imagined she would travel.

Her journey began when her son, Linda, encouraged her to enter Mrs Africa. “He kept on asking me to enter, which I eventually did.”

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Mrs Africa took part in November 2016, which triggered her winning Mrs World Peace Africa. Winning two beauty pageants within a month, Zandi now wears her crown with pride and does her best to play a positive role in the lives around her.

While the Newcastle Municipality’s Geomatics Technician embraces her social responsibility as a beauty queen, she is to take to the catwalk this June. However, she is now headed to Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America.

Set to compete against beauties from around the globe, Zandi is excited to participate in the pageant for Mrs Transcontinental Africa.

“I am super excited. The pageant starts on June 23 and I will be in Atlanta for seven days.”

Ecstatic about the impending trip, Zandi says she is looking forward to interacting with the other participants and view the tourist attractions which the models will be taken to.

However, despite looking forward to the trip, she assures it is not all about merely socialising.

“You get judged from the moment you climb off the plane. Everything from the way your makeup is done, how you dress to how you socialise is judged.”

Furthermore, she explains the trip also brings an emotional side to it. “My mother-in-law passed away last year, she was one of my greatest supporters and I really wish she was here. Also, I will be in Atlanta when my younger son celebrates his birthday on June 28.”

While preparing for the upcoming pageant in Atlanta, Zandi must also focus on her social responsibilities as Mrs Africa World Peace.

She is involved in an array of projects, which includes interacting with female inmates at Newcastle Correctional Services. Zandi is also preparing to run the Comrades Marathon next month. She will be running the daunting marathon in order to raise funds for the Comrades Marathon’s charity initiative.

But how does Zandi practice for the Comrades, look after her family, go to work and prepare for an upcoming international pageant?

She says she owes a lot to her husband, her children, her family and her colleagues. “I have received overwhelming support since I began this journey and I am thankful to everyone for the role they play.”

However, Zandi does face one obstacle. She needs sponsorship to assist her going over to Atlanta. “I need sponsorship to aid me getting there and for the accommodation.”

If anyone can assist her, be sure to contact Zandi on 073 164 1920 and help her bring victory back home to Newcastle.

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