Puppy poisoned in Hutten Heights, are our dogs safe?

Dogs play an integral role in many people’s lives, forging bonds that often go beyond mere companionship.

In many cases, dogs become family members with their owners showering them with love. It is because of the bond that is shared between dogs and their humans, that a dog’s death causes such a great deal of grief. Especially when the death is caused through another person’s cruel actions.

On May 21, a Hutten Heights resident raced with his seven-month-old Dachshund to the vet after it was poisoned. “I noticed my dog started acting lethargic, shying away from my wife and I as if he was scared. Then, he started vomiting and developed diarrhoea.”

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, immediately rushed to his dog. When he got to his dog, he noticed his dog had vomited out some form of food, wrapped in string. His dog had been poisoned.

“I immediately rushed my dog to the vet, where he received the necessary antidote.”

While his dog managed to pull through the experience, the dog owner is now warning other residents to be vigilant that their dogs are not poisoned. “I have four dogs, but only one was poisoned. So, I don’t know if my dog was targeted because someone has an issue with me, but people need to careful.”

He encourages Newcastillians to lookout for any strange food items or wrappers in which food can be put into. “They used two-step with my dog, Apparently, some people grind the poison up, so it is absorbed fasted into the body and kills quicker.”

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Safe guard your dog from poison and check your property for foreign objects on a regular basis.


Heather Gero of Newcastle SPCA expressed her anger towards those who poison animals. “Only a coward will poison an animal, as it is one of the most horrific ways to die.”

She urges people in possession of poison to refrain from using it, as poisoning an animal can have legal reprecussions. Especially if the individual poisons an animal in another person’s yard.

“People also need to understand that killing an animal through poison can lead to secondary poisoning.”

For example, if a dog is poisoned, it can possibly escape from its premises and die alongside the road or on a vacant plot of land. If another animal feeds off the carcass, it is then unintentionally poisoned.

Gero also advises people to avoid using poison to kill vermin. As this too can lead to secondary poison, especially when the person have pets who can possibly find the vermin’s carcass.

Pet owners are advised to check their property on a regular basis. Also, if your dog shows any symptoms of being poisoned, it is instrumental to get it as soon as possible to the vet.

Contact your local security company if you see any strangers lurking around your yard.

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