Newcastle Excellence Awards, making Newcastle great again

Newcastillians, brace yourselves for an event of epic proportions! A first for our town, an event which will see people striving for excellence.

The Newcastle Excellence Awards is set to take place on December 16 at the Farmers Hall. Hosted by Imbewu Event Production, this is an event which promises to break away barriers of race, religion and social standing.

Founder and CEO of Imbewu Event Production, Nhlakanipho Dlamini explains there will be 20 categories in the upcoming event. “We will be focusing on organisations, schools, local artists and councillors, businesses and life time achievers.”

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CEO and founder of Imbewu Event Production, Nhlakanipho Dlamini is here to bring about a new era of excellence to Newcastle.


The Newcastle Excellence Awards was created by Dlamini as to encourage people to continue striving for excellence in their every day lives. As well as to thank them for playing a positive role in society.

But how does one nominate an individual into Newcastle Excellence Awards?

A website is currently under construction, with its completion date set for next week. “If you want to nominate someone, you will be able to go to our website and fill in the nomination form. We will also have an SMS line for voting,” explains Dlamini.

Overseeing the running of the Newcastle Excellence Awards will be a team of 12 people, who form an executive committee. A panel of five judges will then work on judging the contestants.

For more information, contact Nhlakanipho Dlamini on 072 923 4531 or 034 312 2247.

Be sure to support the upcoming event, thereby doing your part in making Newcastle great again.


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