Job hunters beware! Scam artists are on the prowl

Securing steady employment ensures you can provide for yourself and family. However, there are those who prey on job-seekers. Their only aim to scam an unemployed person out of their last bit of money.

Currently, the Newcastle SAPS is investigating a case of fraud. This follows a woman being scammed into believing she was secured a job at Sasol. “The complainant alleges she received an e-mail claiming she has a job at Sasol,” explains Newcastle SAPS spokesperson, Captain Jabulani Ncube.

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However, the e-mail stated she would need to do a police clearance and deposit R549 into a Capitec Bank to secure the job.

After depositing money, she contacted Sasol to ensure everything was in order. It was then that she was told there is no job available.

With police investigations underway. Captain Ncube says it is instrumental for people to recognise a job scam. By following the tips provided by Captain Ncube, one can minimise the chances of being scammed.

How to recognise a job scam:

  • If you are offered a job without applying, nor without being interviewed, it is a scam.
  • Check the email addresses. Job scammers tend to use e-mail addresses from free providers, such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. A legitimate company will never use a free e-mail provider.
  • Be cautious of a company that requests payment to secure employment. Do not send them any payment. Nor should you give out any banking details and personal information.
  • Look at the documents you have been sent. Do they seem legitimate? Are they scanned photo copies or original documents? If they seem slightly off, it is a scam.
  • If the company is legitimate but you are suspicious, get the phone number from their website and call HR department to verify the advert.
  • Google it. Run a search and see if the same company has been involved in job scams or if other people say that company has been scamming others.

Using a recruitment agency will ensure everything is above board. Be smart and be safe.


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