Freaky Friday: Bizarre collections to consider taking up

If you fancy starting a collection of epic proportions, you need to ensure your collection stands out from the crowds. So what do you start collecting?

Here is out selection of four of the most unusual collections. Maybe, you can find something that captures your imagination.

1. Ball-point pens

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Angelika Unverhau, a woman from Dinslaken in Germany, has collected more than 220 000 ball-point pens. That excludes duplicates.  Why anyone has the urge to own so many pens is beyond me. However, Unverhau started collecting pens as a child. She took her hobby more seriously from 1990 and even founded a club for ball-point collectors.  The club meets twice a year to trade pens. The bright side about her hobby, she never has to look for something to write with.

2. Super Marios

Collection, Newcastillian


Virtually everyone knows who the Super Mario brothers are. However, while video-gamers enjoy the character of Super Mario, it seems that Mitsugu Kikai from Japan likes him a bit more than most people. Kikai owns the largest Super Mario memorabilia collection in the world. When counted in July 2010, Kikai owned a staggering 5 441 individual, unique Super Mario items.

3. Superman collection

Collection, Newcastillian

Over the years, the cinematic world has brought comic book heroes to live. This has sparked a large number of comic book geeks splashing out money on comic book merchandise. One such person is Herbet Chavez. Chavez is from the Philippines and has a Superman memorabilia collection of about 1 300 items. He has even undergone cosmetic surgery to look more like his idol. How bizarre!

4. Belly button fluff

Collection, Newcastillian

This has to be one of the strangest collections ever! Graham Barker from Perth, Australia, collects naval fluff. His collection started one night when he notice his own naval fluff one night and became curious on much fluff a person produces. Each night, he sees what he can find in his belly button and stores it in a jar. His collection spans close to 30 years and he has four jars of belly button fluff. Honk!

Until next time, have yourself a brilliant FREAKY FRIDAY!

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