St Dominics Newcastle celebrates Jesus’s ascension to heaven

For Christians around the globe, Ascension Day is earmarked as one of the most auspicious days on the Christian calendar.

Ascension Day is one of the oldest Christian festivals, dating back to the year 68. According to the New Testament, Jesus met with his disciples several times during the 40 days after his resurrection. During this time, he instructed them on how to continue his teachings.

It is believed, that on the 40th day, the disciples went with Jesus to the Mount of Olives and witnessed him ascend to heaven. Officially celebrated on Thursday, Ascension Day marks the end of the Easter period.

Newcastillian, Ascension Day, Newcastle
Reverend Fiona Calverey delivers her Ascension Day service.


To mark the special day, St Dominics Newcastle held an Ascension Day assembly on Wednesday, April 9. The assembly was led by Reverend Fiona Calverey from Newcastle Methodist Church. Rev Calverey’s message focused on the importance of Ascension Day and following Jesus’s teachings.

The assembly was closed off with a hymn, ensuring learners spiritual needs were met.

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