Freaky Friday: When news takes a turn for the strange

Whether you browse digital news sites or pick up a copy of the paper, keeping up to date with the latest news ensures your aren’t kept in the dark.

However, occasionally there are news articles that take a step away from the norm. Articles that grasp your attention and make you question the world as we know it. Here are our selection of the oddest news articles to ever be published.

1. Winnie the Pooh’s life goes down the drain

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Although a horrid headline, opportunities such as this don’t come every day. The journalist must have had a field day writing the article. I’m just not sure how the editor allowed it though. One question, what led to poor Pooh being flung into a dirty sewer? That has to be a rather unusual story.

2. The pug life

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I’m not sure why the police were initially involved in a four hour standoff, nor do I care. I am intrigued on how the fight erupted between a pug and a police dog. How did the cops end the fight? Was the pug arrested for trying to assault the police dog? So many questions…

3. Uhmmm, what?

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I am at a loss of words. This is one of those headlines where you are bound to read the article out of morbid curiosity. I must admit, I admire the individual coming forward to admit he was hit by a flying dildo. His social life is going to be an interesting one, filled with a few laughs.

4.  Obviously….

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I was always under the impression that teen pregnancy drops after the young woman turns 20-years-old. But, I suppose some people enjoy their teenage years just a tad bit longer than others.

5. How bizzare!

headlines, Newcastillian

Who writes these stories?! Where do you find people who are willing to eat their underwear to beat a breathalyser? How do you even write a story like this with a straight face?

6. When common sense exits the newsroom

Someone is in trouble for forgetting to ensure a headline was put in, before the paper went to print. But, it’s issues like this that are remembered in the long run.


Have a yourself a Freaky Friday!!

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