EFF march peacefully, for better Healthcare in Newcastle and Madadeni

Under the watchful eye of police officials, members of the EFF gathered in the parking lot outside Newcastle High School.

Singing filling the air, as they rallied together to march towards Newcastle Provincial Hospital. Their mission, to make a difference within the community. “As the EFF, this is a small march where we want to address issues surrounding the hospital,” said EFF councillor Musa Thwala.

One of the issues was that of cleanliness. However, the current hygienic state of the medical facility was not the only cause of concern.

“The Madadeni Provincial Hospital is overcrowded, because Newcastle Hospital was made into a Mother-Child facility.” This, according to Cllr Thwala, was a poor decision. Due to the decision to split the services of the two hospitals, the EFF believes the general population is now facing difficulties in receiving medical care. “The community needs to come first,” he emphasised.

The employment of doctors and nurses is also an issue which the EFF feels needs to be addressed. “People are suffering, and privatisation needs to end. We need to see more people being employed.”

A memorandum was handed over to management staff of the Newcastle Hospital. Cllr Thwala says the management has 21 days to respond. “This is a peaceful march, but we need answers,” he concluded.

The hospital is unable to give an official comment at this point of time.


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