St Dominics Newcastle teachers prepare to save a life, one first aid level at a time

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Within a split second, an emergency can take place. A life can be changed forever within mere moments.

However, with the proper training a life-threatening situation can be neutralised, and a life can possibly be saved.

St Dominics Newcastle teachers underwent a first aid level 1 training course on Thursday, April 3. The course saw the teachers learn how to do basic CPR on adults, children and infants. As well as what to do when someone was choking, sustained a fracture, sprain, strain or even a heart attack.

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Janè Rautenbach and Franzel Bester perform CPR on a dummy.


The presenter, Deon Lewis, said he also focused on HIV/AIDS, wounds, nose bleeds, burns and shock, unconsciousness and fainting. “During the First Aid Level 1 course, we also look at a Primary and Secondary survey.”

This is where the first aider evaluated the scene of an emergency, before taking the necessary steps and then seeing what was needed to follow up.

As educators spend a large part of their lives with children, the training is a necessity. Through having first aid knowledge, teachers can ensure the safety of the learners in their care. Furthermore, through the training, the teachers could share their knowledge with fellow educators.

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The course was thoroughly enjoyed, as the teachers put their skills to the test on a test dummy. Through an intense afternoon of studying and practice, they are now ready to come to the rescue.


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