The EFF will be marching to Newcastle Provincial Hospital for better healthcare

Come May 4, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will be taking to the streets and marching to Newcastle Provincial Hospital.

The year of public healthcare has come. The EFF will be marching for improved conditions at the medical facility. Issues that the political party feels is instrumental in public healthcare.

“We as the EFF have done our research across the province. The healthcare facilities are deteriorating and we are losing lives because of this,” says Mongezi Twala of the EFF. Furthermore, Mr Twala says the situation of the Madadeni Provincial Hospital and Newcastle Provincial Hospital needs to be seen to.

“When the Newcastle Provincial Hospital was made into a Mother and Child facility, and Madadeni Provincial Hospital took over the services, the community was not addressed accordingly. They have also not employed more staff at the two hospitals. Now, people from Newcastle have to try and get to Madadeni, while mothers have to try and get to Newcastle from Madadeni.

Furthermore, Mr Twala says the EFF demands the Government shows more transparency when it comes to the financial running of the hospital.

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The EFF will be marching to Newcastle Provincial Hospital on Friday, May 4.

Other issues the EFF feels need to be addressed, include the following:

  • The hospital employing more doctors
  • Improved cleanliness and hygiene within the wards
  • Treating HIV patients with dignity and respect
  • Improving the hospital buildings, maintenance, as well as the water and sanitation
  • Improving the conditions of the patient reception area

The march will begin at 10.30am in the Newcastle High School parking area, ending at Newcastle Provincial Hospital.

What are your thoughts on the EFF march? Do you think the EFF has valid points in regards to the healthcare facility?

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