Morester Children’s Home to change name

Morester Children’s Home is set to change its name during the next few months.

“There is a lot confusion when it comes to Morester Children’s Home. We used to fall under the Morester Children’s Home Umbrella, with the Morester Children’s Home in Ladysmith. So, when people donate towards the home, a lot of them still think the money goes towards the home in Ladysmith,” explains Grè Erasmus of the children’s home.

There are also children homes in Rustenburg and Cape Town with the same name. It was therefore deemed imperative to change the local children’s home’s name.

Furthermore, the home is now operating totally independent. “The new name and new branding will be part of a new journey and a fresh start for the home and its children,” Erasmus added.

Despite the upcoming name change, the home’s objectives remain the same. It will provide a place of safety for children in need. The children living at the home, have been placed there for an array of reasons. These reasons include abuse, neglect, left orphaned, or their families could simply not afford to care for them accordingly.

Morester Children's Home, Newcastillian
Morester Children’s Home committee is determined to ensure its children are cared for.

Creating a family unit within its walls, it is vital that the community supports Morester Children’s Home.

“Anyone of us could have landed up in the situation these children are,” emphasised committee member, Tracy Harkness. She believes that it is only through the chance of life’s circumstances that many did not have to grow up in a children’s home. “But, by supporting these children, we can make a positive change in their lives.”

Erasmus added that without youth and child care centres such as Morester Children’s Home, children in need would have nowhere to go to. “If not for places like Morester Children’s Home, many of these children would land up on the streets.”

Chairman of Morester Children’s Home’s committee, Quentin Greonewald, feels the community support ensures that none of the children endure further hardships. “By supporting the home, we can give them hope for a better future.”

To support the children’s home, contact Morester Children’s Home on 034 312 3473.

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