4 pieces of Tech to find your missing children

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Being a parent can be tough and rather frightening at times. Especially, when your youngster starts wondering into the huge, terrifying world.

The thought of a child going missing sends shivers down the backs of many a parent. After all, where do you start looking? Are they okay? Can you find them? As scary as the thought of your child going missing is, there is a glimmer of hope and it is, of course, technology.

Due to the constant evolution of technology, you are now able to monitor and track your child’s movements. While some might see this as an invasion of privacy, the benefits far outweigh the cons.

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You can use your cellphone to keep tabs on your child’s location.

By acquiring one of the following pieces of equipment, you can now monitor your child’s movements and keep track of where they are.

iGPS Watch

The iGPS watch is an awesome way to locate your child at a moment’s notice. Not only is it not noticeable as a GPS device, but it offers parents more than their child’s location. It has an exclusive emergency free calling service.

This means that if they can’t reach their phone in an emergency situation, they can at least call from their phone.

Amber Alert GPS

As a dedicated safety device, this GPS device allows you to track your child’s whereabouts. You will also receive emails and text messages if an alert is triggered, such as them venturing out of a designated safe zone.

One of the handiest features the device sports is that it notifies you if your child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home. It also has an SOS button if your child requires immediate help.

 GPS Location Tracker

Thanks to a vast number of children having cellphones, this is one cellphone app to consider. GPS Location Tracker covers most mobile devices, making it ideal for tracking down family and lost devices.

What makes this app handy, is that it allows you to track your child’s locations on your phone, as well as see their movements from the previous day. The location is cached in a secure server and is accessible on the Internet or through your mobile browser.


This cellphone app is ideal for parents whose teenagers have recently passed their driver’s licence (haha). Canary is for both iOs and Android, which is helpful in knowing your child’s smartphone behaviour while they are driving. After installing the app on everyone’s phones, parents will get alerts on calls, texts, driving speeds and locations.

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