Freaky Friday: 3 Insane moments in History

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History boasts some crazy events…enjoy!

History plays an instrumental role in the formation of society as we know it today. Through the deeds of heroic men and women, we are now able to enjoy liberties never dreamed of in bygone days.

However, while history books tell of formidable men and women, explaining how the world changed, some history facts didn’t always make it into popular history text books. Here are three of the weirdest and funniest moments in history.

  1. The Great Emu War

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Following World War I, the Australian military decided to cull the emu population with machine guns. Six days later, after a staggering 2 500 rounds of ammunition was fired, not a single emu was killed. The Great Emu war was thus ended, with the emu population claiming victory.

  1. Eccentric Roman Emperor CaligulaHistory, Freaky Friday, Newcastillian

Have you ever looked at political leaders and wondered how they rose to power? If so, Caligula, an ancient Roman Emperor, tops the craziness of any current political leader. Apparently, he once hosted a large meeting for an unusual purpose. He told the attendants that if he wanted to, he could have them all killed. Caligula then dismissed them and sent them on their merry way. How odd? But wait, there is more…

Caligula also tried to wage war against the sea god Poseidon. He led 10 000 soldiers to the sea and told them to stab the waves. Yes, you read correctly!

But as with any great leader, the craziness continues. He once marched his entire army towards the English Channel to invade Britain. However, when they eventually got to the Channel, he changed his mind and decided that he didn’t want to invade Britain anymore. What did he do? He ordered his men to collect sea shells before they headed home.

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte attacked by rabbitsHistory, Freaky Friday, Newcastillian

Napoleon Bonaparte was once attacked by rabbits. I wish I was kidding, but I am not. France’s mighty ruler was truly once attacked by fluffy bunnies. The event apparently took place in July 1807, shortly after Napoleon signed the Treaties of Tolsi, ending the war between France and Russia. To celebrate, Napoleon asked his Chief of Staff Alandre Bethier to arrange a hunt for the occasion.

Berthier apparently collected several hundred rabbits and let them out, once Napoleon and his fellow hunters were ready. Instead of the rabbits fleeing, they charged Napoleon and his men. Allegedly, the rabbits attacked with such ferocity that they even started climbing Napoleon’s jacket.

Napoleon and his men eventually fled, leaving them defeated at the hands of the Easter Bunny’s cousins.

Have a brilliant Freaky Friday!!!

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