Motorist left dead after horrific collision in Madadeni

Motorist left dead after collision

The wreckage shortly after the collision.


The Easter weekend has started with a horrific collision on the Madadeni Road earlier this afternoon (March 29).

According to sources on scene, a bakkie and a taxi collided, leaving 15 people moderately injured, two seriously injured and one-person dead.

Allegedly, the motorist in the bakkie had come to town to purchase items for his tuckshop in Madadeni. “He was on his way to Madadeni when he apparently went into the oncoming lane and collided with the taxi. He, unfortunately died.”

Emergency personnel attended the injured, before transporting them to Madadeni Provincial Hospital.

The circumstance surrounding the collision are subject to investigation.


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3 Responses

  1. Its so sad that every accident involves a taxi and some of the foreign nationals in our town are very bad drivers I would not be surprised if the driver of the bakkie was one of them,may his soul rest in peace.

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