Super Moms: Ashika Hurribunce is this weeks SUPER MOM!!

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Nothing compares to a mother’s unconditional love for her children. But what makes a mother truly special? Is it her home cooked meals? Is it her unwavering support? Or is it the way she carries herself in everyday life?

For Ashika Hurribunce’s three children,  what makes their mother special, is that she stands out from the crowd. Her presence, a beacon of light and comfort.

“My mom has this unique personality which makes it easy for us to communicate with her. When life brings her down, she never fails to get back up,” explains 18-year-old Akira.

Describing her mother as a woman of integrity, Akira explains that Ashika is a steady support system for her and her 10-year-old twin brothers, Rikeel and Raheel.

“She is the type of person who can balance out close to 12 hours of work, five days a week, and still make the time to help us with whatever we need assistance in. From cooking us a hot meal, to helping my brothers with their homework. My mother is truly spectacular when it comes to motherly characteristics.”

Ashika says she starts each day at 5am with a prayer. “I then prepare breakfast, everyone’s lunches, get Raheel and Rikeel ready for school, and make sure all their school stuff is ready.”

In between this, she cleans the house and bakes her three children something special to eat during the day. When this is done, she gets ready for work and they leave their home by 7.20am. Despite being extremely busy in the mornings and evenings, where she can she helps with homework and goes about her household chores, Ashika claims she won’t change her life for anything.

“Having three beautiful children, who are my strength, is the most rewarding part of my life. When I am down, they are there for me. They also always help with chores. They pamper and spoil me on special occasions and I just love all the kisses and hugs I get.”

Looking at her children, encourages young mothers to always value time spent with their children. “Being a mother is an amazing thing. It teaches you things about yourself that you never knew. Children are the most precious gifts ever given and you should always appreciate the little things,” she emphasises.

Twins Rikeel and Raheel describe their mother as their inspiration, and no day is ended without a goodnight kiss.

“We’ve been through it all, and that is why I can proudly say she is the ultimate source of inspiration in my life. I am very grateful for the values and morals she has inculcated in me. All that I am is only because of her teachings. She bestows us with all the love we need. She’s an absolute superstar in my life,” concludes Akira.

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