Amajuba Lekker Race proves to be a lekker experience for all

Having an #AwesomeSaturday at the Amajuba Lekker Race

A pulse of excitement surges through the crowds. The time has finally arrived.  All the prep work done, all the planning and organising, all the steps in place, The Amajuba Lekker Race is about to start, and the energy is electric.

On Saturday, March 3, the third ever Amajuba Lekker Race kicked off at Majuba Lodge. A total of 25 teams gathering at the starting line, each setting their sights on the win. The canon fires, the teams grab their clues and dash off. Using their wits and general knowledge to remain ahead of their opponents, the game is on.

Following the clues through town, the true purpose behind the race is not lost on the contestants. They are here to have fun and break away from the shackles of their daily routines.

While the teams hastily made their way through town, a variety of interesting and exciting stalls were available for Newcastillians to shop from. Colossal inflatables and a variety of entertainment kept children entertained. Local musicians took to the stage and dded that something special to the day’s festivities.

As one of the biggest fundraising initiatives for Amajuba School, the Amajuba Lekker Race is unlike any other fundraiser and it is growing year by year. Taking its contestants through town, promoting team spirit, all the while encouraging a stronger community.

With perfect weather conditions and overwhelming support from the public, the Amajuba Lekker Race was a resounding success. And we cannot wait for next year’s Lekker Race!

A massive shout out to all the contestants, sponsors and of course Amajuba School for making Newcastle that much more awesome!

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