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New Active Health and Fitness, not just a gym…

Searching for an escape from the confines of your desk? Had a bad day at school or work and need to unwind? Or are you pursuing a healthy lifestyle, breaking free from the chains of laziness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your search has come to an end. New Active Health and Fitness is not just a gym, it is a health and fitness facility which caters to the needs of everyone. A place where friendships are forged and new lives begin. This is a place where you are treated like a human being and are not just a mere face in the crowd or number in a system.

“We are not just about building muscle and your physical appearance. We are here to help people with their health,” emphasises New Active’s Nathi Ngcobo.

New Active Gym, Newcastillian, Fitness
The New Active Health and Fitness team are there for you. Experience and knowledge awaits you at New Active.

But how can New Active Health and Fitness team help you, if not by improving only one’s physical appearance? Simply put, the gym looks at you as an individual and works to help you overcome health issues in your life, all in an extremely diverse and option filled setting.

Whether it is cholesterol or your blood pressure, or even if you have a handicap, New Active have the facilities to assist you.

This ranges from a large variety of gym equipment, saunas, swimming pool and gym staff who are eager to assist you in your quest for a healthier tomorrow. “We are even looking at getting local GPs and physiotherapists on board, so they can do assessments on people, bringing them to the gym for the first session, then we do our part in setting them on the right course,” explains Reggie Khumalo.

With the amazing and impressively experienced, Reggie and Nathi steering New Active Health and Fitness, the community can expect so much more from the fitness facility.

But what can the community expect from New Active?

Nathi explains that fitness enthusiasts can expect an international standard of quality in its group facility classes. Furthermore, there is the sauna and swimming pool, both of which play an instrumental part in achieving the optimal level of fitness.

Then there is the member flow, where the gym assists in assessments and gets an instructor to work with you for 25 days. Thereby ensuring you find the right fitness programme for your body.

Have small children? Where do they go when you train? Do you worry about their safety, as they wait in the lobby for you to finish training?

Stress no more. New Active Gym has a day care facility. However, Nathi explains that in the upcoming months, it will not just be a mere place for children to sit idly, watching animations as they await their parents return.

“We are looking at starting up children’s aerobic classes and other fitness programs to keep them stimulated,” he said.

Dedicated to fitness, health and forming a family orientated environment, New Active Gym is here to stay and cater for a healthier Newcastle.

“New Active is not just a franchise. We cater for our members and are flexible. We are here for your needs and to work with you,” Nathi and Reggie emphasised.

New Active Gym, Newcastillian, Fitness
Need a spot? Reggie Khumalo and Nathi Ngcobo are always there for you.
But how does the view separate New Active Gym from other facilities?

“We follow our own path and have a human face. We are not corporate and are always here for people. People can talk to us and we will help,” enthused Tracy Harkness.

Catering for the community, Nathi and Reggie invite the community to visit the gym and see the options which are available. “We have from student, corporate to six-month contracts. Be sure to see us and see which option will best suit you,” concludes Nathi.

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